You may not have heard of Wallace Runnymede yet. But I am a little difficult to forget, once you first get to know me... And my art! Catch my AMA, in order to find out about my side-splitting satire, evocative poetry and breath-taking speculative fiction. That's right! Ask me ANYTHING at all! That's what I'm here for.

Jonathan Ferguson (Gold)
Oct 11, 2017

I've been published in various satire and journalistic outlets; but I'm actually here to talk primarily about my books.

For one thing, there's my poetry series 'Alpine Chanter.'

What drove me to write the beautiful spiritual poetry of The Braying Angel?

Does life inform art; or art life?

Ask me anything!

Do you wonder what really makes me tick? What about my weird account of gender dynamics and neurodivergence in Foaming the Optics?

What's all that about?

Where did it come from?

Ask me anything!

Oh, but what's this? Fiction too?

Gripping near-future account of a USA sliding ever deeper into tyranny?

Surely not! What kind of a weird, over-hyped and speculative imagination would bring worth a bizarre novel concept like Honest Adolph?

If you want to know about what led me to develop this weird vision of the future of America, or how us 'across the pond' kinda folks view the current fun and games...

Ask me anything!

And finally...

What else do I have in the pipeline?

How do I see both my published and indie output developing and progressing in the near future?

Have I got anything else in the tank...

Well if you don't ask, you're never gonna find out, are ya?!

Ask me anything!

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