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Michael Rowland
Nov 14, 2017

It's been nearly ten years since researching and writing and self-publishing my first serious novel - 9/11: Official Complicity by Michael Rowland. Once that was published I was hooked. But instead of writing more serious novels, I began to write for children of all ages. That's when I came up with a pen name - Daniel M Warloch (an anagram of Michael Rowland). I use a pen name as I didn't want to associate a serious novel with children's stories.

My first children's novel was Leap Year, followed by Christmas Presence, followed by The Key To Survival.

I then started a series of short stories with a character called Holly KissKiss. To date there are 8 short stories and all with a theme. I am now retired but I work part-time for Autism Together, caring for a gentleman with Aspergers. I have also been chosen by 'The Reader' in Liverpool to visit children who have learning difficulties at their school, encouraging them to read and write.

My background is in the Printing industry, which I was in production and customer services for over 40 years.

Also over the past few years I have done a number of workshops at schools in the local area and in West Yorkshire, were I lived for a time.

I am also proud to announce that The Key to Survivial and two of the Holly KissKiss short stories were chosen by the award winning journalist and author - Fran Briggs, in her top ten The Best of Summer and Autumn Reads 2017. 

Please check out my web site: -

Thank you.

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