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Michael Rowland
Nov 14, 2017

It's been nearly ten years since researching and writing and self-publishing my first serious novel - 9/11: Official Complicity by Michael Rowland. Once that was published I was hooked. But instead of writing more serious novels, I began to write for children of all ages. That's when I came up with a pen name - Daniel M Warloch (an anagram of Michael Rowland). I use a pen name as I didn't want to associate a serious novel with children's stories.

My first children's novel was Leap Year, followed by Christmas Presence, followed by The Key To Survival.

I then started a series of short stories with a character called Holly KissKiss. To date there are 8 short stories and all with a theme. I am now retired but I work part-time for Autism Together, caring for a gentleman with Aspergers. I have also been chosen by 'The Reader' in Liverpool to visit children who have learning difficulties at their school, encouraging them to read and write.

My background is in the Printing industry, which I was in production and customer services for over 40 years.

Also over the past few years I have done a number of workshops at schools in the local area and in West Yorkshire, were I lived for a time.

I am also proud to announce that The Key to Survivial and two of the Holly KissKiss short stories were chosen by the award winning journalist and author - Fran Briggs, in her top ten The Best of Summer and Autumn Reads 2017. 

Please check out my web site: - www.danielmwarloch.com

Thank you.

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Any chance you could give me a copy of one of your books? :)

Nov 17, 11:33PM EST0

Hi. First of all, where do you live?  Leap Year, Christmas Presence and The Key to Survival are in paperback, yet the Holly KissKiss short stories are on e-book. All of them are avaialble on Amazon UK and USA and you can buy any of them very cheaply. The only book I have at the moment is Christmas Presence. Because I am self-published, I have to pay for the printed books.

Nov 18, 3:34AM EST0

How did your family react to the first book you wrote?

Nov 15, 2:54PM EST0

Hi Paul. Interestng question. Over the two yeras researching and writing 9/11: Official Complicity, I gave them some of the facts relating to that fateful  day and the information I had gleaned from numerous witnesses, and to be honest, they thought like me that it was difficult to accept the 'Official Version'. The book is my interpretation of just 'some' of the facts, which appear at the beginning of each chapter and at the front of the book. I can also add, that Dr David Ray Griffin's personal secretary edited the novel and consulted him, and which I'm proud to say that he has endorsed the novel.

Nov 15, 3:04PM EST0
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Are your books written based on personal experience?

Nov 15, 8:51AM EST0

Hi James. Good question. I would say no, but the Hall in Leap Year was based on a run down house I used to live by when I was six years old, and it it had stuck in my mind ever since. The Holly KissKiss short stories are based on my experience working with children with Autism, so I woud say yes to that. Having said that, alot of authors do write from personal experiences, which can help them.

Nov 15, 10:57AM EST0

Hi. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Nov 14, 1:10PM EST0

What have you put most of your effort into regarding writing?

Nov 14, 8:48AM EST0

Hi. In the case of my novel 9/11: Official Complicity, research. Lots of it. I had to be certain that the facts that was in the novel were correct, and it took me two years to research and write. So much so, I am proud to say that Dr David Ray Griffin, endorsed the novel. DRG is the leading exponant on 9/11 and has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.. My children's novels and short stories were the same but on a smaller scale. Having said that, the Holly KissKiss stories all have a theme. Autism, caring, Food Banks etc. You need to spend time and effort when writing your book to ensure it sounds right and believable to your reader.

Nov 14, 10:29AM EST0

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

Nov 14, 8:46AM EST0

Hi Zoran. That is a very good question.  I can tell you I have spent a great deal of money which wasn't well spent, but to be honest, I have just spent $50 entering my children;s novel -  The Key to Survival, in a competition organised by the TopShelf Magazine. For the $50 they will advertise the book until December 2018, and I have just spent another $150 for the novel to be advertised on a Spotlight page in the next edition of the magazine. The thing is Zoran, you sometimes have to speculate to accumilate. So I am now hoping people will either download or order my books, and then become a best selling author.

Nov 14, 8:54AM EST0

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

Nov 14, 8:21AM EST0

Wow Ivy that's an interesting question. I don't have a big ego, but having said that I am not a best seeling author, but If I was, I wouldn't be big headed as It's hard trying to promote your books when you are self-published. The only well know writer I have met was Lee Child, and he was very aproachable. I feel if you are doing a book signing or answering questions from peopel like yourself who have taken the time to ask me a question, should be treated with respect. That's the way I was brought up by. 

Nov 14, 8:27AM EST0

Is it hard to self publish?

Nov 14, 7:39AM EST0

Hi Alianne. Good question. When I'd finished writing 9/11: Official Complicity I decided to self publish with AuthorHouse, BUT it was expensive. Leap Year was self published with Strategic in the States, and that was cheaper, but to be honest with you they don't do much for you. I now publish on Amazon through CreateSpace/KDP ..  The Key to Survival and the Holly KissKiss short stories. It doesn't cost you anything. The only thing you have to pay for is the editing and the cost of the cover. These can vary depending where you go. When you publsih with KDP you can determine how much to charge and how much royalties you recieve. I would suggest you Googling 'Kindle Direct Publishing' to give you an idea how it works. I hope that helps and thank you for contacing me.

Nov 14, 7:50AM EST0

Do you have online ebook versions of all or just hard copies?

Nov 13, 6:00PM EST0

Hi George. Yes, I have e-book versions of ALL of my novels and short stories, which are avaialble on Amazon UK and USA. Leap Year, Christmas Presence and The Key to Survival along with the Holly KissKiss short stories are listed under my pen name of Daniel M Warloch and the 9/11 book - 9/11: Official Complicity is under Michael Rowland. Enjoy.

Nov 14, 3:47AM EST0

What did you do before you started writing?

Nov 13, 3:38PM EST0

Hi Maureen. I worked in the printing industry for 50 yeras in production and customer services. I was made redundant on the day before 9/11 and when I was at home feeling sorry for myself on that fateful day, it put my life in perspective. It was then when I thought something wasn't stacking up, so I spent two years researching and writing my first novel - 9/11: Official Complicity. Up to then I used to love reading so I thought i would give it a go, then I was hooked. I love writing, give it a go if you haven't.

Nov 13, 3:44PM EST0

What is the most difficult part of writing?

Nov 13, 2:51PM EST0

Hi Syed. I've been fortunate, as I had the story line for all of my novels and short stories. Having siad that, there has been times when I was stuck at one particular time, but I tend to go for a walk and something comes up. 

Nov 13, 2:55PM EST0

How did your family react to you starting writing?

Nov 13, 10:00AM EST0

Hi Melody. My family was surprised I had it in me at first. Yet they support me and come up with ideas. Also they are my biggest critiics. 

Nov 13, 11:00AM EST0

Do you design the covers as well or there is a separate company for that?

Nov 13, 9:07AM EST0

Hi. I designed the 9/11 novel and had the idea for the children's novels. But the Holly KissKiss short story covers have been done by my younger brother. You can find illustrators if you google them. But it can  be costly, so check them out first.

Nov 13, 10:58AM EST0

How you got inspired?

Nov 13, 7:43AM EST0

Hu Fatema. Good question. Over the years I have read hundreds of books. And I also wanted to write one myself. It's hard work, but worth it at the end. My first serios novel is 9/11: Official Complicity, but after that I got the bug. But I had more ideas for children so that's what I did. Leap Year, Christas Presecnce, The Key to Survivial and then the Holly KissKIss short stories. Being inspired is also when I get a brilliant feedback from my readers.

Nov 13, 10:55AM EST0

Do you get more satisfaction writing for kids or adults or it is the same?

Nov 13, 5:38AM EST0

Hi Zack. Good question. Yes, I get more satisfaction from writing for children. When I visit schools, and the children tell me they like my books, it's a great feeling. Also when writing for children. you can use your imagination more.

Nov 13, 10:51AM EST0

What is the average cost If one wants to publish a book?

Nov 13, 5:28AM EST0

Hi. If you go to a publisher like Authorhouse in the States, you can pay hundreds' of punds. But now that I publish on Amazon, it doesasn't cost me anything. Having said that, you will need to pay for the editing and the cover design. That cost can vary. I hope that helps?

Nov 13, 10:49AM EST0

Where do you print the books?

Nov 13, 5:25AM EST0

Hi. I don't organize the printing of the books, That's done by Amazon in the UK.

Nov 13, 10:46AM EST0

What is the best thing you have heard from your readers?

Nov 13, 4:17AM EST0

Hi Liudmyla.  Great question. I recently visited a school and when I sat in front of 50 children, I asked them who's read my books. A few hands were raised so I asked them which part did they like. They all said "All of it".

The following week I recieved a dozen hand written letters from some of the children thanking me for coming to thier school and how much they liked my work. At the time I read two of the Holly KissKiss short stories and the younger children went wild. I have also done a number of book signings and when a child comes up to you and says they wanted to come and meet me as they'd read my first novel and they wanted to buy my new one. WOW! You may notice on my Amazon page that all of my books have 5 Star reviews. Thanks for asking.

Nov 13, 4:25AM EST0

Do you market the books yourself and how?

Nov 12, 7:55PM EST0

Hi Joseph. The 9/11 novel and Leap Year were self-published but Christmas Presence was published by a local publisher, but they have gone out of business. The Key to Survival and the Holly KisssKiss stories are published by CreateSpace on Amazon. As afr as marketing is concdermned, you need to market your book. You can't rely on the publisher. It's hard work, but worth it. I use social media, and word of mouth. I also visit schools, putting together workshops, and where I can promote my work. I hope that helps?

Nov 13, 4:04AM EST0

Once you come up with the characters do they hijack the story or do you feel like you still are in charge of what happens?

Nov 12, 5:40PM EST0

Hi Kaja. Good question. I tend to have a good idea what the chracters are going to be and how they react. In the case of Leap Year, the three brothers were based on my three grandchildren so that was easy. With the other chracters in Christmas Presence and The Key to Survival and the Holly KissKiss short stories, I try to be them. Someone actually said that I write in pictures. That may be true as I always write them as though they are a movie. Thanks for asking.

Nov 13, 3:58AM EST0

How is writing for kids different from writing for adults?

Nov 12, 2:25PM EST0

Hi. "In the eyes of a child, the world is a magical place, and that's the reason I never grew up."

When writing for children, you get more reactions from them, and they are more honest. I visited a school a few weeks ago, and the reaction from 200 children was out-of-this-world. They even sent me personal letters saying they loved the stories I read to them. When writing for adults, you have to be correct in your research and the 9/11 novel took me two years to make sure my facts were correct. And I'm proud to say that Dr David Ray Griffin has endoresed it. DRG is the leading exponant on 9/11 and has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Lastly I enjoy writing for children, and thanks for asking

Nov 12, 2:32PM EST0

That is great what you are doing with kids, do you think enough is done in the school system to ignite that love for reading and writing in kids?

Nov 12, 2:02PM EST0

Hi Tamara. First of all, thanks for those kind words, and no, I don't think they are. And the reaon for saying that is because when I was at a school recently, I spotted a young boy sat in the corner of the classroom. I found out after, that he was autisitic. Since then I have been working with children on the spectrum and trying to encorage them to sit down and read. That's also the reason for the Holly KissKiss short stories I have written. They all have a theme.

Nov 12, 2:10PM EST0

What are the most important magazines/websites/blogs for writers to subscribe to?

Nov 12, 1:03PM EST0

Hi Syed. Good question. I tend to use social media to promote my books but in the last few months I have entered a number of competitions. One is with TopShelf magazine in the States.  As you will be able to see on my web site, all od my books are avaialble on Amazon UK and USA. This is a great platform for selling your book. I have recently sena book on Facebook called MAKE A KILLNG ON KINDLE. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds intersting. Lastly, check out the sites on Facebook for writers. There are loads of them.

Nov 13, 4:09AM EST0

Did your background in printing help for publishing your books?

Nov 12, 12:42PM EST0

Hi Faye.

To be honest no, but I did design the cover of 9/11: Official Complicity and the cover for Leap Year was my original idea with the help of my son, Lee.  But my knowledge of printing helped me ensure the text looked fine, especially the children's novels and short stories, making the text large enough for younger children to read without straining their eyes. Thanks for asking Have you written a book?

Nov 12, 12:47PM EST0

Do you have a favorite book?

Nov 12, 11:00AM EST0

Hi Adrian. Yes, Lord of The Rings. What's yours?

Nov 12, 1:54PM EST0

Hi Adrian. Sorry for the short reply, it was rude of me. Over the years I have read hundreds of books. Sci-fi, crime, Horror, and out of those there are dozens I have enjoyed. Yet I always go back and read The Lord of The Rings. I have recently read the Harry Starke novels by Blair Howard. All of them are first class and I can recommend them. 

Nov 14, 8:21AM EST0

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Nov 12, 8:49AM EST0

I met the author, Lee Child in a bookstore in Manchester a few years ago.

Nov 12, 9:04AM EST0
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