Nov 20, 2017

I want to write an article for newspaper...... what do you think I should write about? I want to know because I love music and people? AMA

Nov 21, 2017

Ask Me Anything "Sister Witch, The Life of Moll Dyer," a novel inspired by the life of the 17th century accused witch. After 300 years, she tells her story.

"Beauty is the balance of light and darkness and it exists everywhere even in dark places such as in pain and tragedy. Everyday is a manifestion of truth that unfolds on the horizon within ourselves. Our soul is always there to remind us of what beauty truly is..." Ask me anything--

Nov 22, 2017

I'm the editor and publisher of a future-earth anthology called "UbiquiCity." Our team spent a year researching current trends and extrapolating them into the book. Ask me anything.

Nov 22, 2017

IRON POST CORNER - A compelling story of love, loss and redemption with Author Clayton Lucas #AMA. The novel is available November 22nd on Amazon.

Come talk to LGBTQ and fantasy writer Sarah Beth James AMA

My pitches were accepted by The Week, VentureBeat, Houzz and VICE. AMA.

Nov 24, 2017

Want writing advice? Advice on publishing on Kindle? Want advice on formatting poetry for Kindle? Want to talk about my writing? Want to talk about your writing? Do you want to know about the day in the life of a writer? Ask Me Anything.

Nov 24, 2017

We’re going to all 50 states next year and writing a song in each one! AMA

Nov 25, 2017

Hello. My name is Lisa Orban, I am an Indie author. Ask me anything.

Nov 25, 2017

I'm Cat Connor: I write crime/thriller novels. My 9th novel (METABYTE) was released in October. I'm published by Rebel ePublishers, USA. AMA

Nov 26, 2017

NMD - HIDE & SEEK by Aman Karan is a spy thriller, full of actions and adventures! AMA me regarding thrills and suspense in the story!

AMA: Disease is a conversation starter with your soul

Nov 28, 2017

Hello, I'm KG Petrone and I am just about to launch my debut novel, "Cycles of Time - Revenge is Mine!" Ask me anything.

Nov 28, 2017

I'm a published novelist, short story writer, poet, stand up comedian and English teacher in Japan. AMA

Nov 28, 2017

My name is Cathyrn Eta (Pen name: Cat E.). I am an author, blogger and editor. My book: Cat's Book of Wisdom is inspirational words that saved me. I am currently working on my second novel which will be a short novella romance with a little erotica. I am starting up an editing company and will have a spring launch (May 2018) fingers crossed. Ask Me Anything.

Award Winning Author & Freelance Writer talks about Creativity, Surviving Writer's Block, and Marketing Ideas! Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything!

Dec 4, 2017

AMA about my Childrens book, I Lost my Laugh.

Greetings. I'm Theresa Sederholt, author of Suspense, Thriller and Romance fiction. Ask Me Anything!

Mar 1, 2018

Sam Dealey Roasts Himself! An AMA on Comedy, Comics, and why Laughter is a Moral Impreative.

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