I’m an open book - ask me anything.

Jan 19, 2018

Hello AMA! I'm ADAM and I create the FREE webcomic, "Sidekick'd". I'd love answer reader questions and comments about the comic and my creative process. There's a link to the website in the description.

The writer that I wasn't! Ask Me Anything. I am Rahul Palulli. I published (self-published) a book titled 'Wading Through...', which is a collection of 12 short poems on nature.

Author Nicola C. Matthews Answers Questions about the Before The Sun Rises Series - AMA

I've written Kids Steampunk, YA Fantasy and one graphic novel. Ask me anything!

Ask Me Anything about SHATTERED, Debut Novel in New Paranormal Romance Series

My name is Patrick, and I am one of the artists from Mortinfernum - the new book of the dead. The project is currently on Kickstarter; please check it out and Ask me Anything :-)

Are You a New Author Trying to Navigate the Business? Our Write Side is Here To Help. Heidi Angell, Executive Publishing Director of OWS, sits down for an AMA on The Business of Authoring

I love nonprofits! I've raised nearly $20 million dollars in grant funding for nonprofits across the nation. AMA about grant writing or how to start a nonprofit.

Jan 21, 2018

What if you could eat healthier without relying on willpower? I'm an author, speaker and culinary nutritionist. I help busy people build healthier eating habits without the overwhelm + frustration! AMA!!

My name is John L Robinson. I'm a writer, gamer, and anarchist. I've just finished writing an anarchist RPG supplement called "Path of the Black Flag", that I'm currently funding through Kickstarter. Ask me anything.

I am a self-published romance and erotic author. I currently have 9 books published. I am also a literary entrepreneur. I have been in the literary industry since 2012 and I have been writing since age 11. Want to know what keeps me inspired and motivated in this challenging industry? Ask me anything!

I am an up and coming author ask me anything.

Jan 22, 2018

My name is Theresa M. Odom-Surgick. I am an author, singer and songwriter. Ask me anything about my process in writing books and songs.

AMA The "Dead Places Book Project"

I am David J. Kent, Author of Books on Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln. AMA

AMA - USA Today Bestselling Author + BDSM Submissive for 10+ years

Who wants to ask the ex street enforcer, 13 year prisoner, turned writer and CEO a question? ASK ME ANYTHING! GUNNER ALAN LINDBLOOM

My radio play Cat's Pajamas is a very successful show, one of the top shows on Blogtalk. It's about a columnist during the roaring 20's. I am excited to chat with AMA members about the process of bringing it to the stage.

I'm Tahani Nelson. I wrote a Fantasy novel, published it, and marketed it all in the strangest ways possible. Ask Me Anything!

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