Sep 3, 2017

Senior HR manager and a top notch resume writer. AMA!

AMA Poetry Writing, becoming a poet and being a poet in the 21st century

Jan 11, 2018

AMA: Teen mom turned Romance Author

Jan 17, 2018

Ask me anything about my sexy passionate and sometimes comical novel, Kitten.

Jan 13, 2018

The red neck biker: a second chance at love is my Kickstarter project. AMA about love, my project, sex, single motherhood , ask me anything.

S.D. Moore the Multiple Award Winning Brain and Heart Damaged Author with Lupus Invites You to AMA Jan 13th, at 2 pm est Including About My 5-Star Rated Book: Before We Were Perfect.

I'm working on publishing my first story and I want to help my fellow writers who are doing the same thing! Ask Me Anything!

Jan 14, 2018


Need advice on how to go from a novice writer to a successful published author? Ask me anything!

Ask Me Anything: Hannibal Tabu, The Hard Man of American Comics

Jan 12, 2018

Passionate About Comics? Ask Me Anything.

Jan 14, 2018

AMA - BE GOOD AND SHOW IT - ‘The Art of Creativity for Business’, ‘Finding Meaning in Your Life & Work’ and ‘Creating Good Vibrations’. A book. A website. & A community.

Ask me anything about OCD!

AMA “I Still Remember the Melody of that day” My new survival-young adult novel. #kickstarter

I'm an entrepreneur and publisher of foreign comics. Ask me anything!

Jan 11, 2018

AMA With YA Urban Fantasy Author Bria Lexor.

AMA Funding a colouring book - Wise words from an illustrator and how to get started!

Jan 11, 2018

AMA sales: why not every customer is created equally, and why most sales training programs are teaching the wrong things - with Stan Peake

AMA: " THE TALE OF TWO BOOKS " ... by Artist and Author Kevin Curtis Barr

Jan 14, 2018

Love to read romance? USA TODAY Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, is here to AMA! #AuthorsAMA

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