The Myth of Gaia - Out story 50,000 years from now. Ask me anything (AMA)!

Dr. J
Oct 11, 2017

I want to tell a story about the future of the human race 50,000 years from today.  It is called "The Myth of Gaia".  Gaia is the name of our planet Earth.  it comes from the Greek Geo, that's where we get words like geology and geography.  So Gaia is Earth.  50,000 years from now, humanity became so advanced living in planets orbiting other stars, and lost their real history and roots.  There was a myth that they really came from a planet called Gaia.  A historian and his daughter are set on an incredible adventure to find out the truth about their real origins. The truth was shocking and riveting.  It's a story that will raise goose bumps all over your skin.

See a Trailer of the Myth of Gaia on my Science with Dr. J YouTube Channel:  https://youtu.be/gjrFqt10bUY

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