My name is Tamara Coello, im a young writer, i published a book and im about to publish another one, i have a project of my steampunk book in kickstarter so you can ask me anything about Steampunk, writting or publishing.

Fiore Rimbaudalaire D Sarquis (Gold)
Nov 10, 2017

"In a post apocalyptic Steampunk world, society moves trying to leave its past behind, including the consecuences that past decisions brought with it. Tesa is manipulated by the threads of fate incited by her old aunt Rosemary, a powerfull seer that gave her niece the only way to contact the last human city, Shangrila"

Publishing Tesa and the clockwork of humanity is the goal i try to reach in my kickstarter campaign,  i have published one book before but a new publishing house gave me the oportunity to publish with them but i have to pay half of the impression costs so, i started a kickstarte campaign. if you have any questions about my writing and yours, you can Ask me anything.

Feathered https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tamaracoello/mexico-creates-steampunk-book-by-tamara-coello?ref=user_menu

My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Tamara-Coello-635957849849726/

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