My name is Tamara Coello, im a young writer, i published a book and im about to publish another one, i have a project of my steampunk book in kickstarter so you can ask me anything about Steampunk, writting or publishing.

Fiore Rimbaudalaire D Sarquis
Nov 10, 2017

"In a post apocalyptic Steampunk world, society moves trying to leave its past behind, including the consecuences that past decisions brought with it. Tesa is manipulated by the threads of fate incited by her old aunt Rosemary, a powerfull seer that gave her niece the only way to contact the last human city, Shangrila"

Publishing Tesa and the clockwork of humanity is the goal i try to reach in my kickstarter campaign,  i have published one book before but a new publishing house gave me the oportunity to publish with them but i have to pay half of the impression costs so, i started a kickstarte campaign. if you have any questions about my writing and yours, you can Ask me anything.

Feathered https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tamaracoello/mexico-creates-steampunk-book-by-tamara-coello?ref=user_menu

My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Tamara-Coello-635957849849726/


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Are you sure you want to follow up that option? Usualy paying the impression is the house publishing responsability.

How do you know they have the best print price? or that they will work hard to sell your book? After all you're taking a great part of the risk.

Also, who pays the cover design?interior? etc.

if interested in discussing more details you can contact me at https://www.redravenbookdesign.com/

Nov 11, 6:04AM EST0

Its a very important publishing house in my country, they cover half of the publishing, desing and interiors costs, i don't have to do anything else but paying, they take care of the distributing, the marketing and they have published many other books, in my country is real hard to find a publishing house that takes care of the entire cost of the pubishing process, after a thourough investigtion i realized this one was the best proposal i could find

Nov 11, 3:14PM EST0

thnaks for the reply. Could yo share the contact of the publishing house? (website or email)

Nov 13, 2:10AM EST0

Who/what influene you to write your own book?

Nov 10, 12:53AM EST0

every book i've read so far had some influence in my own writing, same goes for some of the authors, i've also got influence from ceratin movies and all kind of art which i've crossed in my path.

Nov 11, 3:17PM EST0

What get your interest in writing?

Nov 9, 5:31PM EST0

Reading, i've started reading from an early age, the stories i've read hit me in a way that no other art did, except from music of course, but i'm more into books, and i've been writing since i can remember.

Nov 11, 3:19PM EST0

How do you get out of the arrangement if it’s not working for you?

Nov 9, 10:24AM EST0

This contract is only for this print run and for this specific book if its not working for me i just say enough, because i keep the book rights.

Nov 11, 3:20PM EST0

How long does the manuscript have to be? Is there a minimum?

Nov 9, 10:20AM EST0

No, it can be as long as you want, as long as its a good writing and a good story.

Nov 11, 3:21PM EST0

What will the publisher do for publicity and marketing?

Nov 9, 10:19AM EST0

They have a marketing plataform that includes publicity on the internet, bookstores, television and radio, they offer me quite a lot in my point of view.

Nov 11, 3:22PM EST0

What kind of customer service do you offer?

Nov 9, 9:14AM EST0

can you specify a little bit more on your question?, i don't understand what do you mean.

Nov 11, 3:23PM EST0

How much creative control will you have over the look of a book?

Nov 9, 9:01AM EST0

None, they ask me what do i think of the desing, but they have the final word about almost everything.

Nov 11, 3:23PM EST0

Does your book have a lesson? Moral?

Nov 9, 3:05AM EST0

I think all books have a moral lesson in their own way, that is because every author reflects his/her own personality on their writting, morality included.

Nov 11, 3:24PM EST0

What do you think about the ebook revolution?

Nov 8, 10:25PM EST0

I think its really cool since you can actually reach more people this way, in my particular case i still prefer printed books, but hey, this is a way to give more people the chance to read.

Nov 11, 3:25PM EST0

What tactics do you have when writing? (For example: outline or just write)

Nov 8, 9:28PM EST0

I make little character sheets of every relevant character that appears in my books, this sheets possess what i think are the most relevant traits of each of those fictional characters, including a background and a motivation, everything else just comes to me while i write, i also have an A to B point timeline of what is going to happen, but this is only for the important stuff.

Nov 11, 3:29PM EST0

How long does someone have to write the book?

Nov 8, 6:45PM EST0

This really depends on the author, i've written stories in a week, and i've spent years in others.

Nov 11, 3:30PM EST0

Do I have to pay in advance for production costs?

Nov 8, 6:19PM EST0

Yes, in my experience, and i'm talking only of my country, you have to pay half of it when the proyect starts, and the other half when its done.

Nov 11, 3:31PM EST0

What is the timeline for publication?

Nov 8, 2:44PM EST0

When you are a new author like me, you decide your timeline, i imagine that when you got a contract they specify any deadline they decide.

Nov 11, 3:32PM EST0

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Nov 8, 2:19PM EST0

I met George R.R. Martin in FIl (Feria Internacional del Libro) this is the most renowned book fair in my country,.

Nov 11, 3:33PM EST0

Do you have a day job in addition to being a writer? If so, what do you do during the day?

Nov 8, 12:45PM EST0

Everything i do, it has to do with art, i give some talks in libraries or conventions about writing or subjects of my interest.

Nov 11, 3:34PM EST0

Have you written any other books that are not published?

Nov 8, 12:23PM EST0

This one.... but i'm also writting the second part of the first book i published and i'm working in a couple more stories that i want to develop  eventually into novels.

Nov 11, 3:35PM EST0

What is your writing style?

Nov 8, 12:05PM EST0

It really depends on my mood, you can tell how the author was feeling in the moment he wrote a book, just by analyzing the text itself.

Nov 11, 3:35PM EST0

What will you do to market your book?

Nov 8, 12:01PM EST0

Fortunately i have a good rate of activity in social media, i'm also open to do book presentations wherever they ask me to, this includes radio and television interviews and stuff of the matter.

Nov 11, 3:37PM EST0

If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?

Nov 8, 11:57AM EST0

Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, this one was a really good one, Thanks i loved the question

Nov 11, 3:38PM EST0

Tell us a little about your plans for the future. Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years?

Nov 8, 11:43AM EST0

Well.... i see my self in every bookshelf in the world, i also see myself with five to seven more books.

Nov 11, 3:39PM EST0

Do you prefer music or silencewhen you write?

Nov 8, 11:12AM EST0

It depends on the scene i'm writing on the moment, sometimes i do listen music sometimes i prefer silence, but i do particularly enjoy storm sounds

Nov 11, 3:40PM EST0
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