My name is Rachel Rumbelow. My husband died suddenly last year and I have learned how to love life through my grief. I'm doing amazingly well for only being 14 months out because of a few processes I use. Ask me anything!

Rachel Rumbelow
May 14, 2017

Grief is a harrowing experience for anyone. The pain and torment that felt unending in the beginning have turned into a new zest for life and a new relationship with my husband and myself. I am currently working on several grief books and have started sharing my experience: www.rachelrumbelow.com 

Update (May 14, 11:17PM EDT):

Rachel Rumbelow says:

Thank you, everybody, so much! I appreciate how open you all were and how thoughtful and good your questions were! I hope we helped somebody feel a bit better or at least validated in some way.  

I will definitely be doing another one very soon about the paranormal series my husband and I did with our film company. Hope to see you there! 

Important links from the AMA: 

Know Sepsis Symptoms like the back of your hand! www.sepsis.org/sepsis/symptoms/

My blog where I discuss my grief and my new life: www.rachelrumbelow.com

Preorder my books here:  www.patreon.com/rachelrumbelow

Soaring Spirits International (a Nonprofit that helps widow(er)s): www.soaringspirits.org/

The film company my husband and I ran together: www.renegademotionpictures.com

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