My name is Elyse Reyes. I'm an urban fantasy author who dabbles in speculative fiction and paranormal topics. I write about spirits, fairies, demons, and gods. Ask Me Anything.

Elyse Reyes
Dec 5, 2017
  1. I've written two fantasy books in the Vespers Chronicles and one nonfiction book on how to sell books at conventions. I love creating morally ambiguous characters, writing about my hometowns of New York City and Los Angeles, and cooking up ways to mess up my protagonists' days.

I'm also a nonprofit consultant, patient advocate, and tv junkie in my spare time. 

Talk to me about writing, character development, what it's like to be a full-time author and part-time everything else, my favorite Avenger (the answer is Phil Coulson. Duh.), my dog (the mighty Dog Jon Snow), and anything else that piques your curiosity. 

You can contact me at:


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