My name is Christine Stobbe, and I am the author of the historical fantasy Dragon's Fire Series. My flagship novel, Dragon's Fire, was recently released on Amazon, and the second book in the series will be out soon! I love to create strong characters and fascinating stories. Ask me anything!

Christine Stobbe
Dec 1, 2017

I've been writing stories since before I could spell, and I've been observing the publishing world since the days of paper manuscript submissions. I've submitted work to big publishers, done online publishing through a smaller press, worked with vanity presses, and also discovered the opportunities for Indie Authors to self-publish easily and affordably. I believe in producing a quality, polished story that draws the reader in with a life of its own for an effortless and enjoyable read. I am really excited about my new series, and would love to engage with current and future friends about my work!

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