Mathematics is the mother of all the sciences. I am a mathematician. I am teaching mathematics in some institutions which are very highly graded in the city . I take interest in Geometry, Calculus and doing research in pure mathematics. Ask me anything related to mathematics.

Atif Mahmood
Nov 14, 2017

I have the ability to solve problems involving mathematics, word problems and problems of daily life. I am doing research in pure mathematics. Rings and Modules and group theory. I am deeply involved in teaching mathematics to grade 9 to 12. I also teach mathematics to graduates and post graduates related to their field of study especially group theory. Mathematics is a deap sea of knowlegde. 

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When i wasat the age of 10 i calculata faster than other kids so i realized that i like doing maths. i always got full marks in maths 

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Nov 21, 7:44AM EST0

When did you find out you were good at maths?

Nov 21, 6:46AM EST0

Are your parents good in Math, too?

Nov 17, 11:39PM EST0

well yes because my mother was a doctor.  And her maths is very good. MY father was a superwisor in Telecomunication. What about you do you have interest in maths. ?

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Nov 18, 8:25AM EST0

Do you teach online?

Nov 15, 8:48AM EST0

yes I can teach online.

Nov 15, 10:57AM EST0
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hii do you teach  GRE  courses ? 

Nov 14, 1:56PM EST0

Well i didnt teach GRE but i teach ECAT and NTS . I can guide you about the books for the GRE

Nov 15, 4:37AM EST0

i tried kaplan and a book from ets but still it looks complex to me 

Nov 16, 1:05PM EST0

What popular engineering  mathematics text would you recommend for any engineering student? 

Nov 14, 5:52AM EST0

calculus by Anton Bivens 10th edition is very good for computer engineering students and etc.

Nov 14, 8:24AM EST0

What do you think of Lobatchevski’s maths?

Nov 14, 4:53AM EST0

I am sorry i didnt read about it give me some time ill study and give you my reviews soon thanx 

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Nov 14, 10:37AM EST0

What is the weirdest thing someone has asked you in class?

Nov 13, 5:56PM EST0

i can remember once a student asked me . why it is said that mathematics is the mother of all the sciences. Why dont we call it dad of all the sciences. I laughed and explained about this logic. because mathematics takes care all the sciences like a mother takes care of her children without maths no science is complete. In similiar way mathematics helps and takes care of all the sciences. I hope u are satisfied about this logic. on the other hand it is just a qoutation to explain the importance of mathematics.

Nov 14, 4:25AM EST0

What are rings and modules and group theory?

Nov 13, 3:37PM EST0

Ring :- A set  X is said to be a ring if it is abelian under addition and semi group under multiplication and also distributive.

module is regarded as a vector space over a field but it is over a ring.

A set X is a group under operation * if it satisfy 4 conditions

it is closed under *

it is associative under *

it has identity

it has inverses.

example :    Z under addition is a group. 

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Nov 14, 4:31AM EST0

How do you explain to kids the importance of learning maths?

Nov 13, 2:50PM EST0

i explain mathematics to kids by giving an example of space where there is no oxygen so no life can exist there.  In the same way mathematics is bread and butter of our progress and life always revolves around mathematics.

Nov 14, 10:59AM EST0

How young can a kid start learning mathematics?

Nov 13, 9:59AM EST0

A kid can start learning mathematics from the age  when he is learning the language speaking he can start learning mathematics. Like taking his first walking step.

Nov 13, 10:38AM EST0

A kid can start learning mathematics at the age when he is starting to speak words and language speaking period has started so he learns the basics of maths. LIke i have 5 fingers 1 nose so the first step of learning mathematics is counting. So thats what I think but some researches have some other views like Japanese they think after 10 it is the best age for kids learning. 

Nov 14, 11:03AM EST0

Is there some awards and competitions in mathematics that you participate in?

Nov 13, 9:38AM EST0

Well i am doing mphil in mathematics from university  hope so ill do good . 

Nov 14, 11:07AM EST0

How would you explain the election of Trump for example with mathematics?

Nov 13, 9:06AM EST0

Well mathematics in politics is a different topic to discuss a professor of mine has done phd in the same subject ill ask him and give you his reviews on this matter. thanx 

Nov 14, 11:09AM EST0

Are there many women in maths?

Nov 13, 8:30AM EST0

Well mathematics is an art anyone can learn it male or female but realistically speaking women are less as compared to men in this study

Nov 14, 4:34AM EST0

what is your favorite part of mathematics?

Nov 13, 7:32AM EST0

My favourite part or u can say the topic is algebra. 

Nov 13, 10:36AM EST0


Nov 13, 12:52PM EST0

Who is your favourite mathematician?

Nov 13, 7:29AM EST0

Alkhwarzimi is my favourite mathematics he is the inventer of algebra and modern mathematics. and Thomas Finny is also a very famous mathematician

Nov 13, 10:35AM EST0



Nov 13, 12:53PM EST0

Are there any good apps or/and sites you would recommend to mathematics lovers?

Nov 13, 6:40AM EST0

yes i strongly recommend a site for mathematics lovers . the link is as under 


Nov 13, 10:33AM EST0

yes there is a site which is very good i recommend it for mathematicians . link is as under 


Nov 14, 4:16AM EST0

How do you apply maths to daily life?

Nov 13, 5:38AM EST0

Mathematics is applied everywhere in daily life. When a baby is born it got a date of birth. After some time baby grows and adds up some weight some lenght etc. In every way addition subtraction, division and multiplication is our circle of Life. In braoder sense we cannot progress without mathematics. When ever you buy a car you got a reciept you are using math. In short mathematics is not invented it is discovered. We use every time in life.

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Nov 13, 1:01PM EST0

Is there some organization or network for mathematicians online?

Nov 13, 5:28AM EST0

There are many universities such as virtual university Pakistan have millions of students who are studying online.

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Nov 14, 11:13AM EST0

Can you say you can explain and solve relationships problems with mathematics?

Nov 13, 5:25AM EST0

Well yes i can but relationships are more complex than mathematics. there is one similarity between relationships and mathematics , they both are abstract. You can calculate the strenght and weaknesses.they can be estimations and probability deals with estimations.

Nov 14, 8:18AM EST0

Is there an end to mathematical knowledge or do you always have to keep expanding your knowledge?

Nov 13, 4:16AM EST0

Therenis no end to mathematical knowledge

yes, i have to keep expanding and learn new methods. U can not say at any stage that i am an expert and learnt everything. You can master techniques but you can not master everything becasuse its going and going to infinity.

Nov 13, 4:26AM EST0

there is no end to seek knowledge. I always try to learn new things i cant say that i a learnt everything you have to evolve yourself around it.

Nov 14, 4:51AM EST0

Is being able to grasp mathematics a talent? Can anyone learn it or just some?

Nov 12, 7:55PM EST0

well every thing needs hard work and dedication. 

Yes anyone can learn it. Its very easy if you really take interest in it. it is the most easiest subject or art.

Nov 13, 4:28AM EST0

Well it is very easy to learn anyone can learn it.  you have to take interest in it. And you can learn it anywhere anytime around you there is always something that involves mathematics

Nov 14, 4:48AM EST0

Is there some mathematics problem you have always wanted to solve but still haven’t?

Nov 12, 5:58PM EST0

well there were some but i solved it,  some what u can reach to some conclusion if u know the methodologies.

Nov 13, 4:30AM EST0

yes, i still cant find an explanation about the slope of y-axis is infinity . why it is infininty.

Nov 14, 4:36AM EST0
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