Jay Egan
Nov 13, 2017

I have published my first novel, Devil Incognito, a Supernatural Thriller, and would like to share myself and my work with all the avid, and not so avid, readers out there. I don't want to give too much away in this description. Like a good book, its best to leave the mystery to evolve on its own as each individual tackles the secret in their own way. Perhaps i am a Pandoras Box... or maybe just a Red Herring. Either way that is for you to decide... Don't have a question for me? ... You can ask me anything!! :)

Devil Incognito is available from Amazon as a Kindle download or Softcover...


You can contact me through my Facebook page...


I look forward to hearing from you all...

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Hi everyone welcome

Nov 13, 8:01AM EST0

What is your favorite book?

Nov 12, 7:26AM EST0

I was asked this before and i would have to say that it still is Misery by Stephen King Thanks

Nov 12, 10:26PM EST0

If you could spend time a character from your book whom would it be?

Nov 12, 3:41AM EST0

I would have to say Gunther!! Sure, he is rough around the edges, but he has a good heart deep down there somewhere and the man is quite intelligent so i no doubt would learn a thing or two from him.. Cheers

Nov 12, 10:25PM EST0

Do you still write? If so, what does your typical day look like?

Nov 12, 12:58AM EST0

I do still write, but i don't have a particularly rigid regime... I pretty much work writing around my day to day life. But i also need to be in the mood too, if i don't feel like writing i never force myself because i know i will always just end up with tripe!!! Thanks

Nov 12, 10:22PM EST0

What is your advice to Indie Authors?

Nov 10, 8:24PM EST0

Explore all the avenues.. The internet has allowed us all unprecedented access to the masses so use that to your advantage by all means.. Platforms such as this can be a valuable tool to get yourself known ( perhaps too much haha ) Move out of your comfort zone and promote to increase your chances of success... and of course... Never give up!! Good luck.

Nov 10, 8:59PM EST0

What made you want to become a writer?

Nov 10, 7:52PM EST0

I was a ridiculously avid reader when i was Primary School so by the time i went to High School i had so much i wanted to write about!! I wrote songs back then too but i had many short stories written which i would have loved to expand. Unfortunately i was discouraged by a teacher who found my writing offensive so it all ended rather suddenly. You start setting limits to a teenage boys creativity and he's likely to shun the whole idea completely!! It wasn't until i was in my late 20's when i decided to give it another go as i was just working in a menial job and felt unfulfilled. 15+ years later and here is the fruit of that first step!! I hope you like it.

Nov 10, 8:55PM EST0

What would the main character in your book have to say about you?

Nov 10, 3:42PM EST0

Wow.. Thats an interesting question!! I think we'd both get on well... Although as Aidan is much younger he is more likely to think me an old fart with dated ideas...But that's just a sign of the times lol We have similar likes but i guess as he changes over time, he would become less and less tolerant of my awkward sense of humour. Thanks

Nov 10, 8:49PM EST0

What have you put most of your effort into regarding writing?

Nov 10, 3:05PM EST0

Of late i have been writing a lot of songs.. I try to challenge myself writing for many different genres. i love music but i want my lyrics to encompass meaning and feelings to give them depth.. Much more depth than what is mostly available in todays music lol I have a few short stories in hand too which may form the basis of my novels to come. Thanks

Nov 10, 8:45PM EST0

Who is your favorite author?

Nov 10, 12:35PM EST0

Stephen King without a doubt. I just love the horror and mystery and he always manages to garner an emotional response from me. Thanks

Nov 10, 8:42PM EST0

If you were running the 100 yard dash with a new writer. What writing, publishing wisdom would you bestow upon him/her before you reached the 100 yards?

Nov 10, 12:05PM EST0

Write what and how you feel... Writing is subjective and there are many platforms to get your work seen, so don't pander to someones idea of how your story should be structured or expressed. Conformity doesn't really promote creativity so do it your way and then you can be proud of what you achieve. Phew..... 100 yards and i'm now out of breath!!!

Nov 10, 8:40PM EST0

What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

Nov 10, 10:57AM EST0

I haven't had any real negative criticism from readers but the toughest criticism, would be the lack of interest from those closest to me...  From this moment none of my friends or family have ever read it.. And its not that i haven't offered it up, but i guess i feel none of them can take what i do seriously enough to take the time. And it is very disappointing because if it does become popular i would have trouble sharing the fruits of my accolades with those that didn't really care in the first place.. Childish? Perhaps? But thats how i honestly feel!! Thanks

Nov 10, 8:35PM EST0

Pen or type writer or computer?

Nov 10, 8:16AM EST0

I started off using chicken blood on bark but i found it a little time consuming to get the ink so i upgraded to a PC....  I am joking of course..... It was my own blood!!!!  :) Not really... A computer all the way. Cheers

Nov 10, 8:29PM EST0

How did you get connected with so many authors for your interviews?

Nov 10, 8:15AM EST0

I haven't actually interviewed anyone for what i write. The plan was to write in my own style and not be influenced by anyone else.. That may seem arrogant or naive but i thought it best to do what comes naturally to me and if it didn't work out then i only had myself to blame.. And to this day i still don't really know if i need creative writing lessons or such but hopefully time, and readers, will tell.. Thanks

Nov 10, 8:27PM EST0

What are your books about?

Nov 10, 7:38AM EST0

The strangest things!! Haha.. While i'll probably never write a love story ( my wife would agree!! ) i am happy writing within several genres and sometimes out of them... After my current project i already have written a short story based on a Pizza Delivery Driver who manages to get himself into trouble which i hope to flesh out into my next great novel!! But Shhhh!! Don't tell anyone else ok?  :)

Nov 10, 8:23PM EST0

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?

Nov 10, 5:39AM EST0

50/50 i think... I start with an outline and goals i set for each character but during certain scenes my mind can run away with it, creating cohesion issues and such. So after i finish a chapter i work out how to rerout it to their goal or possibly change a goal which can then change complete outcomes. Then its a juggle to keep or sweep what i have written so what ultimately happens still makes sense.... For example the ending of Devil Incognito is not what i had originally planned but then it just organically changed through characters actions altering along the way.. Thanks

Nov 10, 8:19PM EST0

Million dollar question, are you working on another book?

Nov 10, 5:31AM EST0

Yes, but the next one is very different.. It is more a book which has a website as support which i have nearly completed. It is a project directed at musicians, singers and the like and i wish i could say more but i believe it is a first so i would like to keep it that way for the moment..  If anyone would like to friend me on Facebook you will find out the details there first when it becomes live and on sale.. Thanks

Nov 10, 8:13PM EST0

What has been the best compliment?

Nov 10, 5:09AM EST0

I haven't had much feedback regarding the novel but i guess one of my main concerns was continuity so on talking through social media with someone who had read it they mentioned that they were happy with the continuity!! Made my day lol

Nov 10, 8:08PM EST0

What is your favorite part of the book?

Nov 10, 3:24AM EST0

Oooh.. I never thought about that!! I guess i imagine the many action scenes in the book akin to a set piece from a movie!! I remember feeling the excitement writing some of these scenes and i couldn't type fast enough.. The heart races, you begin to sweat and your mind sweeps through an idea so quick you definitely struggle with the details. I love the moments of action and i can't honestly pick one although the Diner would be a main highlight!! I love the comedy at Aidans school too as it adds a bit of levity to what is to come!! Thanks

Nov 10, 7:57PM EST0

What is something memorable you have heard from your readers?

Nov 10, 2:40AM EST0

The most memorable thing is someone telling me that they enjoyed it!! That is my goal after all.. I wanted to give something new that can absorb you during your read... Validation is something all writers aspire to i think.... Why spend so much time and effort on something no one else likes? That could be soul destroying... Just one person telling me they liked it really built me up.... Thanks mum!! No, just kidding it wasn't my mum it was from an anonymous reader!!! Felt good... Thanks

Nov 10, 7:50PM EST0

What gives you inspiration for your books?

Nov 10, 2:35AM EST0

Good question.. I already have a creative mind somewhat so i am always thinking of slants and angles to things. I watch plenty of movies too but always am mindful of making sure what i do isn't derivative of that. When i believe i have a premise which is new and exciting i jot it down and then build from there. Thanks

Nov 10, 7:45PM EST0

What is your favorite novel?

Nov 10, 12:21AM EST0

I really enjoy Stephen King novels and my favourite is Misery.. The movie is great, but the book was much better with more subtext and darkness than you would expect. Thanks

Nov 10, 7:40PM EST0

What book that you have read has most influenced your life?

Nov 9, 11:55PM EST0

Hi Diana.. I think the book that had influenced me the most was 1984 by George Orwell... I was quite young when i read it and to think that it was written in the 1940's certainly fueled my imagination. It broadened my scope and opened my mind to different ways of thinking... that i could conjure up anything within it. Thanks.

Nov 10, 7:35PM EST0
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