I'm Sara L Daigle, sci-fi romance author. What are your questions about the author's journey? Merging two different genres? Getting published? Finishing a novel? Finding inspiration? Discovering that your "fictional" world is more real than you thought? Ask me anything!

Sara L Daigle
Dec 2, 2017

I have been writing novels since I was eight years old, putting in my 10,000 hours toward mastery, although through a series of typical author hurdles, did not take the move to become published until 2015. It has been an amazing, rewarding, incredibly fulfilling roller coaster ride, filled with new information and new experiences. But it was also probably a very good thing that I waited so long--I'm not entirely sure I was emotionally ready for any of what has awaited me! 

I have always been drawn to the fantastic, yet I also want to explore the very real here and now. Merging those two--the impossible with the deep down nitty gritty--has led me down the most interesting rabbit holes. And as Alice knows, rabbit holes are the best places to find the most intriguing explorations.

My passion has always been to tap into perspectives that push my limits and draw me into realities I could never have imagined. Those journeys have brought me back to one simple truth: acceptance. It is the meaning of the title of the first book of the series: Alawahea. Am I always perfect? No. Is the world always shiny and rosy? No. But that's okay, too. And some days that very imperfection can lead to the most interesting stories--and the most interesting question of all: what else is possible?

What inspires you? What are your dreams? The best form of creativity comes from a community--whether fellow authors, or the readers who can get pulled into a series and get lost. Let's chat! 

For more information on my books, both published and forthcoming, including book 2 of the Azellian Affairs to be released in 2018:






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