I'm A 23 year old writer who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, AMA!

May 17, 2017

Suffering from a mental disorder while trying to break through as a writer can be a hard job!

Not only are my daily activities affected, so are my writing capabilities. Sometimes, though, my depression is where I find the most emotionally charged ideas which cultivate my writing fo the better!

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Besides medication (which I heartily agree with), have you done other things to edge-off the symptoms (e.g. natural diet, getting rid of all processed foods, etc)? I heard that there are bipolar sufferers that have excess stomach acid and use antacids to help their meds work better.  

May 17, 2:31PM EDT1

At what age were you diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

May 17, 3:45AM EDT1


May 17, 8:54AM EDT1

What were the symptons at that age? Didn't people think it was a teen thing and ignore?

May 17, 9:34AM EDT0

Were you good at writing in elementary school?

May 17, 2:31AM EDT0

I was, started with poetry in the 4th grade

May 17, 3:16AM EDT0

How often do you experience symptoms from your bipolar disorder?

May 16, 11:32PM EDT0

Every few weeks, but they last about 2-3 weeks depending on the trigger

May 17, 3:17AM EDT0

What are some of the symptoms if you don't mind me asking? Curious..

May 17, 9:20AM EDT0

Is any of your writing getting published?

May 16, 10:48PM EDT0

No, but I haven't been ready for that step either ,

May 16, 11:26PM EDT1


May 17, 9:03AM EDT0

At what age did you start writing?

May 16, 9:02PM EDT0

I was around 8-9

May 16, 11:26PM EDT0

Was it a clear realization or was it more like you enjoyed writing more than other activities?

May 17, 9:36AM EDT0

Are you currently taking any medications for bipolar?

May 16, 8:41PM EDT0


May 16, 11:25PM EDT0

My question.. Do you think you’d be a better writer if you didn’t have bipolar disorder?

May 16, 8:38PM EDT0

I've honestly never thought about it. Id like to say no, only because it was through my disorder that I developed my skills to use to cope. 

May 16, 11:25PM EDT0

If you went to college where did you?

May 16, 8:10PM EDT1

I went to a small private college close by, my major was in the healthcare field

May 16, 11:24PM EDT1

Haveyou worked in this profession?

May 17, 9:08AM EDT0

Question, Is your writing more subdued when going through a depressive episode?

May 16, 8:03PM EDT0

It's actually much more vivid and colorful. 

May 16, 11:24PM EDT0

How has the illness affected your dating life? 

May 16, 7:53PM EDT1

Ugh! I drive my boyfriend CRAZY. And finding him was a blessing, it was really hard because my bad days weren't days, they were weeks. He's the first to stick it out. 

May 16, 11:23PM EDT1

Do you believe he's the one? ;)

May 17, 9:07AM EDT0

What is your favorite type of book to read?tia

May 16, 7:29PM EDT0

YA fiction is usually my go to, but my guilty pleasure are those cheap romance books. I'm a sucker

May 16, 11:03PM EDT0

At what age were you diagnosed with bipolar?

May 16, 6:40PM EDT1

I wad 14, so back in 2009

May 16, 11:03PM EDT1

How were you diagnosed?

May 17, 9:14AM EDT0

Do you read self-help books to try to help with your bipolar?

May 16, 6:26PM EDT1

I actually don't, they never really helped me. 

May 16, 11:05PM EDT1

I hope you give it another chance.

May 17, 9:21AM EDT0

In your opinion, has any of your writing ever been plagiarized?

May 16, 6:11PM EDT1

Not at the slightest. I tend to write in a completely dofferemt genre than I read. There's no room for cross-referencing the way I write. 

May 16, 11:06PM EDT0

What’s your favorite instructional book for becoming a better writer?

May 16, 6:06PM EDT1

I don't read them, I like commentary from other writers. Sometimes I feel its not only about being a better writer, but a better person as well. 

May 16, 11:07PM EDT1

Thanks for sharing!

May 17, 9:15AM EDT0

What time period is your favorite author from?Thanks

May 16, 5:10PM EDT1

My favorite author is Tolkien. 

May 16, 11:07PM EDT1

Do you do multiple types of writing or only focus on one type? TY

May 16, 5:08PM EDT1

I try to focus singularly on one project at a time, but my current novel for instance, I wrote the 3rd chapter before the 1st

May 16, 11:08PM EDT1

What style of writing are you most interested in?

May 16, 4:51PM EDT0

Fiction is my favorite, but I like realistic fiction. Where I can describe a scene so vivid you visualize it just as I do. 

May 16, 11:09PM EDT0

What kind of writing style are you best at?Tnx

May 16, 4:18PM EDT1

Plain old creative fiction! But I used to dabble in poetry as a child

May 16, 11:10PM EDT1

Have you tried Fan Fiction?

May 17, 9:15AM EDT0

Do you prefer writing with a pen and paper or on a computer?

May 16, 4:12PM EDT0

I'm trying my hand at pen,and paper and I've gotten much more done since I made the switch!

May 16, 11:10PM EDT0

What are your plans for the future with regards to your writing?

May 16, 3:52PM EDT1

My goal in life is to publish. My current novel will be a 3 boom series, and after that my life would be complete

May 16, 11:11PM EDT1

When do you expect to publish? Are you going to self publish?

May 17, 9:06AM EDT0

Do you have any ambition to write novels? Thanks in advance

May 16, 3:50PM EDT0

It's less ambition to write novels and more to tell a story I feel someone needs to hear

May 16, 11:12PM EDT1

That is a beautiful answer. Thank you.

May 17, 9:17AM EDT0

Hi! Do you see both a psychologist and a psychiatrist or just one of them?

May 16, 3:45PM EDT0

I actually see neither. Over the past 2 years I have been dealing with my problem without help or medication. It's a tough journey but its worth it to me

May 16, 11:13PM EDT1

Nice, stick with what works.

May 17, 9:44AM EDT0

How much time do you spend writing each day?

May 16, 3:45PM EDT1

I try to aim for an hour. 

May 16, 11:13PM EDT1

Thank you for the answer.

May 17, 9:06AM EDT0

Do you experience any benefits from having bipolar disorder?

May 16, 3:23PM EDT0

Ironically, yes. I tend to write my most descriptive scenes when I'm at the cusp of a depressive episode. 

May 16, 11:13PM EDT0

Wanted to ask, do you suffer from any other mental illnesses? TIA

May 16, 2:56PM EDT1

Bipolar Disorder II and ADHD are all, but anxiety is becoming a problem

May 16, 11:14PM EDT1

Thank you and hope you're better now!

May 17, 9:16AM EDT0

Hey .. How do you treat your bipolar disorder?

May 16, 2:36PM EDT0

Good old fashion self. Medicines never worked for me, not long term at least. After my 6th or so prescription I decided to give in and handle it myself

May 16, 11:15PM EDT0

Do you prefer there to be illustrations along with your work or only text?

May 16, 2:26PM EDT1

Only text. Illustrations would be lovely but I try to illustrate using my words. 

May 16, 11:15PM EDT1

Brilliant answer Daisy.

May 17, 9:22AM EDT0

How did you get inspired to become a writer?

May 16, 2:10PM EDT0

When I was a kid, i aways had a knack for it. It made me happy. 

May 16, 11:16PM EDT1

Do you remember when you started?

May 17, 9:04AM EDT1

Did somebody teach you have to write professionally or did you learn on your own?

May 16, 1:38PM EDT0

I'm completely self taught minus what I pulled from AP Lit teachers in high school. No one around me can write at all, ironically. 

May 16, 11:17PM EDT0

Do you feel your bipolar disorder is holding you back in life?

May 16, 1:12PM EDT1


May 16, 11:17PM EDT1

In what ways? One of my core belief is to turn weaknesses into stregths. Do you feel you may be able to do this here?

May 17, 9:05AM EDT0

Have you ever been caught plagiarizing somebody else’s work?

May 16, 12:54PM EDT0

Not even once. 

May 16, 11:17PM EDT0

What type of treatment has been most successful so far?

May 16, 12:38PM EDT0

None. Though Wellbutrin did okay for about 6 months, it caused more problems than it helped

May 16, 11:18PM EDT0

What is your opinion on transferring your work into audiobooks?

May 16, 12:38PM EDT1

I'd honestly never thought about it! Sounds pretty interesting

May 16, 11:18PM EDT1

Good luck if you give it a try ;)

May 17, 9:05AM EDT0

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction writing?

May 16, 12:28PM EDT0

I prefer fiction writing, but historical/realistic fiction is my favorite

May 16, 11:19PM EDT0

Do you notice a difference in your writing when going through a manic episode?

May 16, 12:21PM EDT1

Absolutely. I'm more descriptive and surprisingly colorful in the rough draft. 

May 16, 11:19PM EDT1

Pretty cool, the "side benefits" of being bipolar!

May 17, 9:06AM EDT0

Have you spent time writing about your bipolar disorder? TY!

May 16, 11:55AM EDT0

I have started a small personal blog but nothing major.  I'd love to though

May 16, 11:19PM EDT0

What are some of of those "emotionally charged ideas" you are reffering to, if you can remember? Thanks.

May 16, 10:56AM EDT1

In Chapter 3 of my current WIP novel, there is a scene that I wrote while having an episode shortly after fighting with my now boyfriend. The scene was so vivid and it was like a painting in your head when you read it.  

May 16, 11:21PM EDT1

What's your best outlet to remedy this disorder?

Last edited @ May 18, 1:49AM EDT.
May 16, 4:12AM EDT1

Honestly, its different,for everyone. I know a woman who paints, and man who runs. I write. 

May 16, 11:22PM EDT2

Is writing really theraputic? Based on your experience?

May 18, 1:50AM EDT0