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I lived a 14-year-self-exile in a Pakistani village to escape my abuser. I wrote a book telling my story. Ask me anything.

Marsha 'Yasmine' Marie
Feb 4, 2018 9:00AM EST

I was born in Ohio, but was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. At 25, I found myself trapped in a difficult and abusive marriage. Out of desperation, I went against court orders and threw myself into a 22-year-long self-exile in Asia. I ended up in a remote farming village in Pakistan with my two small children in tote---ages three and five. I lived in that incredibly modest farming village for the next 14 years; knowing that I could not return to my homeland in the States. 

I'm now back in the States, sharing my story in Banges and Bangles to Mom, to promote domestic violence awareness and writing other books from the heart. See  book list here. In my blog, I share my new life back in Phoenix with free-style writing. 

Official website:

Facebook: @MarshaMarieBangles

Twitter: @memarshamarie


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Are you part of any organization or advocate groups that help and assist people who have same experience as you?

Dec 31, 3:37AM EST0 Reply

How did you overcome all those experiences?

Dec 15, 10:27AM EST0 Reply

Why didn’t you call the police instead of just hiding in Pakistan?

Dec 13, 10:21PM EST0 Reply

How did you overcome all those experiences?

Dec 13, 5:53PM EST0 Reply

If you were offered a TV or film adaptation of your life story, would you do it?

Dec 13, 7:11AM EST0 Reply

What is your primary goal or objective with the release of this novel?

Dec 13, 6:12AM EST0 Reply

Did you and your children need to learn a whole different language while staying in Pakistan?

Dec 13, 4:54AM EST0 Reply

What is the best advice you can give to other battered wives and women who are victims of domestic abuse?

Dec 13, 4:45AM EST0 Reply

How was it like living in seclusion for 14 years?

Dec 12, 10:59PM EST0 Reply

Do you ever plan to press charges against your abusive ex-husband?

Dec 12, 9:31PM EST0 Reply

Were you completely honest with your kids and told them why you were hiding in the first place?

Dec 12, 6:52PM EST0 Reply

How did you secretly plan and finance your trip to Asia?

Dec 12, 1:32PM EST0 Reply

Did you ever regret anything you did in the past 14 years?

Dec 12, 1:48AM EST0 Reply

Why, in all places, did you end up in Pakistan?

Dec 11, 7:20PM EST0 Reply

Did you ever return to the United States or do you plan to come back home?

Dec 11, 6:40PM EST0 Reply

How did you manage to make a living while in hiding with your kids?

Dec 11, 2:39PM EST0 Reply

What was the best advice you have received from neighbors in Pakistan while you were there?

Dec 11, 1:26PM EST0 Reply

What did you do to stay strong and motivated to live peacefully?

Dec 11, 12:42PM EST0 Reply

If you were to go back to the past, would you still have gone hiding or would you rather just go to the authorities?

Dec 11, 3:55AM EST0 Reply

While you’ve gone through extreme difficulties, what was the biggest challenge for you back then?

Dec 11, 1:46AM EST0 Reply

How did your children cope with all the hiding you needed to do?

Dec 10, 10:02PM EST0 Reply
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