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I am David J. Kent, Author of Books on Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln. AMA

Science Traveler
Jan 23, 2018 8:00PM EST

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant but eccentric scientist. Thomas Edison was a chief rival and talented inventor in his own right. Abraham Lincoln saved America. Each is fascinating in their own way, and I've written highly illustrated biographies on all of them.Ask Me Anything about all three. Was Tesl really a genius? Did Edison steal all the inventions he got credit for? How on Earth did an poorly educated country lawyer save America?

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I've often wondered, what started your interest in Lincoln, Edison and Telsa?

Jan 7, 6:10PM EST1 Reply

Whom are you going to write about next?

Dec 21, 3:50PM EST1 Reply

Who was the most passionate one among the three?

Dec 20, 1:17AM EST1 Reply

How many books have you published since?

Dec 18, 2:01PM EST1 Reply

Do you belong to a group of authors who share the same interest as yours?

Dec 17, 8:49PM EST1 Reply

Do you agree that Edison was a victim of the media during his time?

Dec 17, 8:26AM EST1 Reply

What do Tesla, Edison, and Lincoln have in common?

Dec 17, 3:56AM EST1 Reply

What is the most significant contribution of Nikola Tesla?

Dec 17, 3:50AM EST1 Reply

What made you interested in the life of these three people?

Dec 17, 3:06AM EST1 Reply

Why did you specifically choose the three among all others?

Dec 16, 9:12PM EST1 Reply

Other than biographies, what else do you write?

Dec 16, 8:53PM EST1 Reply

How did Nikola Tesla inspire your daily life?

Dec 16, 4:08PM EST1 Reply

Was it true that Tesla and Edison were supposed to share a Nobel Prize?

Dec 16, 2:09PM EST1 Reply

How do you think did Tesla and Edison affect the modern day inventors?

Dec 16, 12:33PM EST1 Reply

Did Marconi really steal from Tesla the credit for being the Father of Modern Radio?

Dec 16, 11:12AM EST1 Reply

Do you personally agree that Abraham Lincoln was indeed the greatest USA President?

Dec 16, 9:14AM EST1 Reply

How long have you been writing biographies?

Dec 16, 9:06AM EST1 Reply

Among the three, who do you admire most?

Dec 16, 9:02AM EST1 Reply

What have you learned from the life of Abraham Lincoln?

Dec 16, 6:59AM EST1 Reply

What can you say about the movie about Abraham Lincoln where he played as a vampire hunter?

Dec 16, 6:28AM EST1 Reply

Among the three, who do you admire most?

Dec 16, 5:11AM EST1 Reply

Were there times when a reader challenged what you have written in the biography?

Dec 16, 4:49AM EST1 Reply

Where can we get a copy of your books?

Dec 16, 3:31AM EST1 Reply
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