Hi, I’m Michelle Lynn Back, an author, personal trainer, and nutritionist. I write books for those who have dealt with trauma and live with the mental disabilities they cause. In my AMA I will be answering questions concerning the new Cursed Trilogy of books that deal with true stories regarding the cause, effects, and treatment of mental illness caused by mental, physical or sexual abuse. Do you or a loved one have questions regarding anxiety, negative thought patterns or fear that interfere with daily life? Please join our conversation to learn and help others.

Michelle Lynn Back
Dec 1, 2017

The books from the Cursed Series are to let the world know the truth to what is really out there. To let others know they are not alone in their pain and to help victims heal to the point of happiness and success. Not only have I lived through abuse, felt its wrath on my psyche and relationships, but I’ve also been through the misdiagnosis, overmedication and shattered thought process to the point of almost ending my own life.

I’ve studied, experimented and tested holistic and traditional treatments for over three decades and have revealed the cause, effects, and solutions in a trilogy of books to help people come to grips and succeed while living with a dysfunctional mind. Since revealing my story, others who have suffered abuse of all sorts have come to me to tell their tales. I plan to publish these heart-wrenching survival stories from all over the world as well as books concerning Nutrition, Health, and Wellness.

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