Hi! I'm Abdulwahab, I'm new to the world of writing and just recently published my first novel on amazon. I'm currently writing my second book. You can ask me anything.

Abdulwahab Dabai
Nov 30, 2017

An #Ama about writing, my first novel to be more precise. My first novel "A Paused heart" is a story of a teenager who finds himself unable to fall in love despite the fact that he's surrounded by many girls. What does it take for one to fall in love he wonders, is it Money? Looks? Determination? or is it.......................... a heart? 

it follows the story of a boy as he desperately tries to find love in order to prove to himself "I'm human just like anyone else."

Abdulwahab Musa, i'm an aspiring author with one self published book on amazon, i'm currently writing my second novel on superpower but the first hasn't really "Picked up" i have a feeling once people know about my book the demand will increase exponentially but a self publisher can do so little.

You can ask me anything, and thanks for your time.

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