Hi everyone! My name is Vicky Whedbee and I am the Author of "Things He Hadn't Told Her" and "Sarah's Song" and currently writing a sequel to "Sarah's Song'! I am honored to be hosting Ask Me Anything!

Vicky Edwards Whedbee
Dec 1, 2017

I am an independent author foraging my way through the forest, hoping to present my heart and soul (in the form of my books) to the masses, trying to learn and share as much as I can regarding writing, publishing, promoting and all that comes with the above, along my journey! I recently told someone that putting your work out there and waiting for someone to acknowledge it is akin to holding your breath and every response is a breath of air! I am a firm believer in paying it forward and will try my best to help anyone with any questions they may have! 

Things He Hadn't Told Her

Sarah's Song

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