Hello there, I'm Tom. I'm a retired Infantry Army Officer with Rhodesian Bush War experience. I have written a semi-fictional novel based on my life experiences as a soldier, a professional hunter and small-worker gold mine manager. Ask Me Anything.

Dec 3, 2017

HIS BROTHER'S SHOES is an exciting action packed novel which I thoroughly enjoyed writing, as it is based on all my experiences throughout my life; boxing, soldiering, professional hunting, gold mining and a conservationist with a deep love for the African bush. The characters evolved from where I was at the age of that particular character - as a boy, a young man, and as a father. I believe one needs to write in the comfort zone of ones experiences to render the story truly authentic. I believe my intimate knowledge of the African bush comes to the fore, as does my comprehensive, first hand knowledge of the Bush War.

HIS BROTHER'S SHOES will enlighten the overseas readers to glean firstly, where Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) is, and the history of it over the last sixty years, This is penned by someone who grew up in the heady days, of when young teenage children could go off for a week into the bush, with no fear and just be boys; and of how the bush (civil) war affected every family, black and white! HIS BROTHER'S SHOES, although a fictional story, is based on factual experiences of the author throughout his life. His character and experiences are seen in each and every character. He has lived through and experienced the transition of Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, and still lives here.

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