Hello! My name is Shanet. I am an author of two poetry books and the blogger of Napturally Happy AMA =).

Shanet OB
Dec 2, 2017

Book #1 Released 01/03/2017 re-released 10/18/2017.

‘Mind, Body, and Soul of a Teenage Intellect’ is a poetic collection of Shanet’s adolescent years entering into young womanhood. Join the roller coaster ride and experience the growth of a teenage mind trying to balance the everyday adversities of life. Read as Shanet brings evocative poetry to life on relationships, love, hate, death, pain, success and so much more. Then maybe you can understand what goes on inside the mind, body, and soul of a teenage intellect.

Mind, Body, and Soul of a Teenage Intellect Purchase Link

Book #2 Released 10/18/2017.

Mind, Body, and Soul The Lyrics is Shanet's sophomore book of young adult memories. The little song bird that was inside of her that never escaped its cage. The song bird is finally able to break the chains that were binding her down. The doubt of worrying what others would think about her work. It is time for that young girl to release her debut album.

Mind, Body, and Soul: The Lyrics Purchase Link

Link to Blogs:

My Napturally Happy Blog is where I write mainly about hair. I write what I do to my hair and the ingredients I put in it. I also write about other natural things in the community. The blog started from a school assignment and it grew from there. My blog post that received the most hits was on Sara Baartman. That blog post received over 25,439 to date. 

Napturally Happy Blog

My author blog is where I post about my updates as well as I write book reviews. 

Author blog

You can follow me on social media:

IG: @authorshanet

Facebook: @authorshanet

Twitter: @authorshanet

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