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Augustine Veliath
Nov 9, 2017

I am the chairperson of the non-violence foundation of India. Non-violence combined with the 5 Ps of sustainability is the way to go. Non-violence is the art  saying I love you to your child and every child in the world. Sustainability is the science of making that love real and concrete here , now and forever. We are creating the biggest peace catalogue online. please join us. When you see anything interesting on peace and the other four Ps (people, planet, prosperity, partnership) do please let me know.


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Have you held any festivals or still planning?

Nov 14, 9:59AM EST0

Is this a kind of religious online rally or a general one for every gender? 

Nov 10, 6:46AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 10, 6:05AM EST0

Are your beneficiaries concentrated locally or internationally?

Nov 9, 8:03PM EST0

Where are you from

Nov 9, 5:24PM EST0


I live in New Delhi.

Nov 10, 7:19AM EST0

How did you start in creating the biggest peace catalogue online?

Nov 9, 12:29PM EST0

What inspired you to do this project?

Nov 9, 9:11AM EST0

This catalogue is the second innings of my life. I am pulling together everything that worked in my life as a communicator and mobilizer in my 45 years of professional life. Peace with sustainability is a great combination. Now is the time

Nov 9, 11:09AM EST0

Which type of platform do you want to make peace?

Nov 9, 4:23AM EST0

Consortia and networks of children, young people, parents, teachers, and leaders.

Nov 9, 11:10AM EST0

How have you been working on this project?

Nov 8, 12:35PM EST0

We are completing our training of trainers. Ten of us will be master trainers. We are about 40 trainers of trainers. The Nonviolence foundation has already  trained 8 million young people in 30 countries. The 9th million will come from India. The training for non -violence goes along with sustainable development.

Nov 8, 6:48PM EST0

Where will this catalog be available?

Nov 8, 12:03PM EST0

Online. We will also participate in various book fairs and festivals.

Nov 8, 6:48PM EST0

What was your first ever book or written piece about?

Nov 8, 11:53AM EST0

A collection of the sayings James Grant. I have published over 400 items some of them in 17 Indian languages.

Nov 8, 6:50PM EST0

What's your favorite thing about these catalogs?

Nov 8, 11:52AM EST0

Basic pacakges for students, parents, teachers and leaders.

Nov 8, 6:51PM EST0

How do you think you have impacted peoples lives with this organization?

Nov 8, 11:47AM EST0

Everything -peace is nothing. We are moving people away from conflict into partnerships and prosperity.

Nov 8, 6:52PM EST0

What was the first book that you read?

Nov 8, 11:12AM EST0

I do not remember. Probably Phantom, the Walking Ghost or something from the parish library, probably life of saint.

Nov 8, 6:53PM EST0

Do you have a facebook page I can follow?

Nov 8, 11:07AM EST0

my personal one augustinevj

or nvpf India.

Nov 8, 6:54PM EST0

Did you sketch your catalog before you started it?

Nov 8, 10:40AM EST0

yes. I have very clear plans on this.

Nov 8, 6:55PM EST0

How long have you been writing?

Nov 8, 9:57AM EST0

45 years and more. 

Nov 8, 6:55PM EST0

Are you working with any other organizations other than the "non-violence foundation"?

Nov 8, 9:53AM EST0

I was 23 years with UNICEF. I  also advised the Government of India for one year. For ten years I was Publications Director of the Volunatry Health Association of India. Now I lead a consortium of national and international organization on Peace and sustainabilty

Nov 8, 6:57PM EST0

What's the hardest thing about planning your catalog?

Nov 8, 3:39AM EST0

The initial money. Selecting the best that is available.

Nov 8, 6:58PM EST0

What is your background?

Nov 8, 3:25AM EST0

I am a communication specialist. Worked for 23 years with the UN. In field offices.

Nov 8, 6:59PM EST0

Do you work alone or with a group?

Nov 8, 3:24AM EST0

I work with a consortium and an ever increasing network.

Nov 8, 7:00PM EST0

What has been your best experience while working with children?

Nov 8, 12:24AM EST0

I have often brainstormed with children. They come up valuable insights on themselves and the adults around them.

Nov 8, 7:02PM EST0

Do you have a muse?

Nov 7, 9:51PM EST0

James Grant.

Nov 8, 7:03PM EST0

How would you describe peace?

Nov 7, 8:33PM EST0

If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.

Nov 8, 7:08PM EST0

If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.

Nov 8, 7:09PM EST0

Do you think the world is evolving in a way it shouldn't be?

Nov 7, 8:32PM EST0

I am not sure. The world needs you. Peace needs you. We cannot let others alone decide which way the world should go?

Nov 8, 7:42PM EST0
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