Build Your Author Platform (Without Using Any Wood)! I know how, so Ask Me Anything!

Laurel McHargue (Gold)
Oct 18, 2017

I've been building my author platform since 2011 and it's getting stronger every day! Although I'm not always this dirty at the end of a work day, there are many times when I feel this crazy:

When my son said he didn't have time to create a website for me, I figured it out myself and use that "platform" to blog and to advertise my work (www.leadvillelaurel.com)

When I published my own books (check out my Amazon Author Page: Laurel McHargue), I had to find ways to get the info out to potential readers.

When I was asked to host an AMA, I said "yes." This is something you will do many times.

I've done press releases...public speaking...a Kickstarter campaign...

I know things about building an author platform. Ask me anything.

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