Based on a lifetime of research into shamanism, visionary states, the evolution of written communication and the roots of storytelling, I will answer questions from anyone courageous enough to question the illusions that most of us think of as real as explored in my just released book,The Center Of The Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes But Home Is Where the Heart Is. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Dec 4, 2017

Please join me with questions about my in-depth analysis of human perception, shamanism, visionary states, cognitive neuroscience, plant and animal consciousness, and sacred geometry, as well as the prehistoric roots of our deepest cultural myths.

I hope user questions about the subject matter of The Center Of The Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes But Home Is Where The Heart Is will open the door for them to discover ancient philosophies, preserved indigenous wisdom and recent discoveries in quantum physics, psychology, and the timeless, persistent archetypes of our subconscious.

If you have any interest in shamanism and the meaning of visionary experience, join a discussion informed by a lifelong study of shamanism and close to a half a century of extensive psychedelic experience, the last thirty years of which has been focused on shamanic plants, and the last twenty of those on first hand experience participating in shamanic plant diets in the Amazon with Ayahuasca and other helper plants as well as with other plants and traditions found in the mountains and deserts of North, Central, and South America.

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