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Cynthia Morgan
Dec 1, 2017

How do you become an overnight success?

The journey from hobbyist writing to Indie Author; Published by a well-respected company, and/or landing Freelance writing opportunities can be daunting.  Even more challenging is learning to navigate Social Media, Networking with fellow writers, and creating a social presence or brand.  How do you build opportunities for yourself and expand your social media Reach? 


Cynthia A. Morgan is an award-winning author & blogger; columnist for the national publication Fresh LifeStyle Magazine; a member of the Poetry Society of America and Artists for Peace. Creator of the mythical realm of Jyndari and author of the Epic YA Fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy, Morgan’s powerful story relates how the power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world when Positive Action is taken to create change.  The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace. 

Discover more about Dark Fey on its Official Website:  https://allthingsdarkfey.wixsite.com/feyandmusings 

Morgan is also the author of the popular blog Booknvolume where her over 17K followers are regularly treated to Morgan’s own brand of poetry, English Sonnets, musings about life, personal recipes, photography, book reviews and more. 

Visit Booknvolume: www.booknvolume.com  

Some of her other interests includes a deep love for animals and the environment.  She is passionate about music and theatre; is frequently heard laughing; and finds the mysteries of ancient times, spirituality, and the possibilities of life elsewhere in the cosmos intriguing.  Morgan Believes in the power of Love, Hope and Forgiveness, all of which is reflected in her lyrically elegant writing style. 

Visit Morgan on some of her other social media sites: 

Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/MorganBC728

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/booknvolume  

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cynthey728/dark-fey/

GoodReads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14174277.Cynthia_A_Morgan

Creativia Author Page :  http://www.creativia.org/fey-folk-and-emeraldine-fens-fantasy-author-cynthia-a-morgan.html

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