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Arica Quinn
Dec 1, 2017

I am Arica Quinn (Pen Name AriQui) a published Author with Snow Publishing. I currently have 3 works available in Kindle and print format. My fourth book is due to release in the next week. I am currently working on my first Urban Fiction Story.  Here is a brief synopsis of my first book Just Talk To Me.

Just Talk To Me Synopsis

Four couples take us on the beginning of their journey of emotional toil, self-discovery and an educational lesson on the impact of communication.

Myra and Maxwell desire the same in a companion. However, past relationships filled with near death, abuse, and complications of unresolved attachments to an ex-lover chisel away at the foundation they are trying to build.

Kiki is so damaged by the love of her life Cameron, that she throws herself into a whirlwind of sexual destruction and greed. Until she meets Thomas, a gentle, kind, supportive and loyal man. But the struggle to get to her heart is real and complex. Her clouded judgment and pain may be the catalyst that stops a budding friendship before it even starts.

Angelina and Jonathan are on their third try at a failed relationship. The attraction between them was so strong but the communication is severely lacking. This time Angelina finds herself completely fed up with his bull shit stories and disappearing acts. In a last-ditch effort, Jonathan decides to come clean, but will the truth destroy all hopes of a right relationship with her.

Monique was so in love with Keith. It was love at first sight. That was until she got the tragic news and abruptly ended their relationship. Her silent killer and emotional unrest cause a rip in what seemed to be the perfect couple. When Keith receives the urgent call, he rushes to her side but will Monique ever get the chance to tell him she's sorry.

Amazon Page http://amzn.to/2xspiNr

LinkedIn Page http://bit.ly/2vMFJG4

Facebook Page http://bit.ly/2kfxnTv

Facebook Page http://bit.ly/2wBS0L0

Twitter Page http://www.@authorariqui

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