Ask Me Anything The Use of Kickstarter to Crowdfund an Animated Film: Mechs : The Animated Movie

Nov 5, 2017


     My name is Adomas Sotrpirstis. I am creating and directing an animated film. I have appeared here, on AMA, to just simply let you know about my project which has been launched on Kickstarter. I am trying to raise funds, which would be used to hire more animators and creative minds in order to speed up the work pace and widen the range of talents. I don’t want to use people’s skills and time for free, but if they are willing to join without requiring any finances, well that is their choice then and I kindly appreciate it. In many cases, the world by itself has little interest in my movie. However little by little curiosity increases through messages like these.

     Why would you consider to financially help this project? You wouldn’t unless you’d see the rewards system which is being provided by Kickstarter’s rewards system. Even so, your support will let you appear in the credits of the film. Despite these offers in exchange for financial help, some people help these projects out, just because they see a vision of a successful end.

       I have been working by myself alone for one year until I found a colleague who reached me through my previous Kickstarter project. He is helping me out as an executive producer. Now together we are working on my animated film.       

        Take a look at our project and feel free to express yourself. Maybe generate some interesting ideas towards it as well.

Link to our Project on Kickstarter:

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/302137708/mechs-the-animated-movie?ref=user_menu

Link to Behance.net - the development of a single chapter out of many in this film :


 Thank You!

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