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Deana Williams
Jan 12, 2018

This AMA episode will be open for a real talk conversation with Deana.   Deana has progressed from victim to Victor, to a EMPTcertified life coach, author,  transformational coach and speaker.

Deana is one of Amazon's best selling authors!  Her book Get M.O.V.E.D. ( Mapping Out Victory Each Day); yields self empowerment through self discovery!  This book is a non-traditional 90 day self help book, workbook and journal that will serve as a catapult to launch you into your next best season of life.  

Deana was a victim of rape, molestation, incest and a ward of the court who completely triumphed over all the adversities dealt to her.  She found her inner voice after finding her identity.  Deana now hopes to help others do the same!  As a parent raising a teen daughter in todays society with all the negative influences lended daily, she strives to make sure she doesnt give her daughter the "hand me daown blues" of past generational hurts and let -downs.  Instead she strives to empower her daughter to best her best self and serve others.

So if you are stuck, lost and dwelling in your wilderess, this AMA is for you!  Avoid life's next pitfall by becoming the captain on  this ship called life instead of remaining a passenger.   It's time to #GetMOVED!  From victim to victor, from struggle to strength, from pain to passion, from pointless to purposeful and from selflessness to self-full!  

Let's talk, Deana!

Be sure to get my book Get M.O.V.E.D ( Mapping Out Victory Each Day); Self empowerment through Self Discovery!

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Deana Williams says:

This AMA will end Jan 19, 2018 3PM

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Which is worse, when a good friend moves away or losing touch with a good friend who lives right next to me?

Jan 13, 12:18PM EST0 Reply

Kcampos91 it really depends on you and the type of relationship. I would say when you lose touch with a good friend next to you because it means that, one or both are failing the other person.  You are supposed to love thy neighbor as thyself so in keeping with that reach out to that person.  The friend that move away can be called, texted, visited, FaceTimed, etc but at least the communication seems to be there, the address just changed.  As far the one next door, take the first step to reconciling, after all thy what “good friends” do.  The fact that you are asking, means that you care.  So do what you need to do to get that friendship back on track.  I have faith in you!

Jan 13, 5:45PM EST0 Reply

What limiting beliefs can someone hold in life?

Jan 12, 10:36PM EST0 Reply

Gilbert any beliefs that tell you that you can only do certain things or that you will never do things are limiting beliefs.  Your thoughts, words and perspective can create limiting beliefs.   Anything that does not empower you limits you.  Stop believing that you can’t and believe you can!  You are not your circumstances or your situations, you have greatness within you!  #BIGGER

Jan 12, 10:51PM EST0 Reply

What empowering beliefs can I take on to help me achieve my goals?

Jan 12, 4:13PM EST1 Reply

Kristy believe and know thy you are wonderfully made.  That you are decibels design with His purpose in mind.  Believe in the power of I AM!  Release limiting beliefs that limit your dreams and actions.  Live intentionally, serve intentionally and be intentional!  Make sure you stand in your truth and live on purpose with purpose from this moment on!

Jan 12, 8:25PM EST0 Reply

How can I know people enabling me or holding me back in life?

Jan 12, 3:06PM EST0 Reply

Monica, be honest with self, are they adding to your life or taking away.  Pay close attention to what they do, not what they say.  If they were no longer around, how would your life be affected?  Chances are if you are asking this question to me, the question came up in your spirit.  You are a blessing to be around, make sure people value you.  What is the nature of the relationship?  Know that it's ak to outgrow people, places and things!  Pruning is necessary.   Everyone can't go with you into your next season.

Jan 12, 3:18PM EST0 Reply

Thanks everyone for you participation!  This has been awesome!  I hope and pray that it helped each and everyone!  Be sure to reach out to me via facebook, instagram or twitter.  Check out my book:  see link below!  Blessings of Abundance, Deana!

Jan 12, 3:06PM EST0 Reply

How did you identify your hand me down blues?

Jan 12, 3:04PM EST0 Reply

Fredierick, It took awhile before I could identify what I call the "hand me done blues".  What I thought initially was that I was just sentimental and that things and traditions served as forever connections to people no longer in my life.  As I matured and became wiser, i realized that the very things that should have made me happy or brought me joy, instead brought me heartache, pain, strife and confusion.  I didn't really know why I was holding on, I just thought I had to hold on.  As I begin to see things divide families after deaths or divorces, I realized that these things were "hand me down blues" and really had no sentimental value.  I had to learn to let go.  I also had to learn to give uo the right for the wrong at times!

Jan 12, 3:11PM EST1 Reply

Why do u consider yourself a victim? Do U occasionally have fladhbacks

Jan 12, 2:54PM EST0 Reply

No I am more than a conqueror!  I am better and not bitter!  

Jan 12, 3:02PM EST0 Reply

If you are heaving "flashbacks" chances are you haven't healed through those issues yet!  For such a time as this, you are ready!  Deal with whats been dealing with you, you are more than a conqueror!

Jan 12, 3:13PM EST0 Reply

How are your book sales?  Has your book moved U into a different realm of ppl?

Jan 12, 2:53PM EST0 Reply

Book sales continue to stadily increase, however my goal is to get it in to treatment, recovery acenters and shelters.  I will also use it to educate people in various ways.  My book and my voice has opened new doors and I find myself really reaching people that I don't knwo.  It is easier sometimes to share your story with people you dont know due to fear of judgement.  This platform today, is evidence that I continue to move into new realms of people and platforms!

Jan 12, 3:01PM EST0 Reply

Tell me, why do U consider yourself a victim? Do U have flashbacks? What inspired U to write ur   book? Are ur book sales increasing?

Jan 12, 2:50PM EST0 Reply

Margaret, for so long I had a victim mentality.  You feel sorry for yourself, you blame yourself for the actions of others.  Not knowing your self worth and value, you find yourself vulnerable and without a voice.  With all that happened to me, I was lost but no longer!  I have flashbacks or shall I say new episodes of things longed covered up but when they come to the surface, I deal with them in a healthy way.  I know that I am not a victim instead a victor!..  I was inspired to write my book because I realize that what happened to me was bigger than me.  I believd if I could help others, I would be walking in my purpose!  I also find myself healing by continuing to share my story but God gets all the Glory!

Jan 12, 2:57PM EST0 Reply

You all have asked some great questions and I am sure they are helpful to all!

Jan 12, 2:42PM EST0 Reply

Which is worse in life, failing or never trying?

Jan 12, 2:30PM EST0 Reply

Nora, thanks for joining!  Never trying is worse than failing because you can fail forward.  What that means is that you will never know what you can do or what you are capable of if you never try.  If you try and you do fail, you realize that it did not kill you.  You take away valuable lessons in life and the next time you just might succeed.  If not, keep trying because you are moving closer to your goal.  

Jan 12, 2:33PM EST0 Reply

How do u keep your faith from weavern? You Kno GOD is able, he can but will he?

Jan 12, 2:20PM EST1 Reply

The thing to remember is that we are human and although we are made in His image, we are not Him.  What we must know is that God is faithful!  Even when our faith waivers, God is faithful!  Trust God when you can't trace Hi,!  The Holy Spirit interceded on our behalf when we can not.

Jan 12, 2:23PM EST0 Reply
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Why should I live my life to the fullest right now?

Jan 12, 2:20PM EST0 Reply

Vmullins because tomorrow is not promised!  You were divinely designed with a purpose in mind.  The world is waiting on what only you can offer!  If not now, then when?

Jan 12, 2:21PM EST0 Reply
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I have had a variety of questions and I must say that this has been great!    What questions do you have?

Jan 12, 2:18PM EST0 Reply

How long did it take you to write the book “Get M.O.V.E.D?”

Jan 12, 2:09PM EST0 Reply

Xanderson, I started my book one year, put it on the shelf and once I decided to devote myself to seeing t through I would say 6-8 months!  I learned alot on the journey.

Jan 12, 2:15PM EST0 Reply
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Hello every

Jan 12, 2:00PM EST1 Reply

Hi :)

Jan 12, 2:09PM EST1 Reply
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Should I be afraid of letting others get close to me?

Jan 12, 9:07AM EST0 Reply

The only time you should be afraid of letting others get close to you is when you are not able to trust yourself!  You are not powerless, you are powerful!  People can only treat you how you allow them to treat you.stand in you truth!  Know what you want, know what you will accept and know what you will not accept.  I have raised my daughter to know who she is, what she deserves and that people don’t get to treat her how they want to treat her; they treat her how she deserves to be treated!

In other words, know thyself and know thy worth! Know what you deserve and accept nothing less!

Jan 12, 11:29AM EST0 Reply

Why is it that many people do so many things they don’t like and like so many things they don’t do?

Jan 12, 8:48AM EST0 Reply

I would say that this happens due to lack of identity and lack of empowerment.  We often become who and what others want us to be in order to appease people and situations.  At some point resentment settles in and change eventually happens.  

Prace at all cost, it no peace at all!  I learned that the hard way.

Now I speak and live my truth and we are all better for it!

Jan 12, 11:24AM EST0 Reply

If you could offer a child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Jan 12, 5:21AM EST0 Reply

edpal if I could offer a child one piece of advice, it would be to be prepared for the unexpected! That simply prepares you for  He unexpected because life happens!  

My parents died when I was young, my siblings and I became wards of the court, life happened over and over but I don’t think we were ever told to be prepared for the unexpected.  Each knock in life seem to hit harder and harder.  I learned over time that I should expect the unexpected that way, it didn’t hurt so bad..

Jan 12, 11:21AM EST0 Reply
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What is your purpose in life? Why do you exist and what is your mission?

Jan 12, 5:06AM EST0 Reply

Sonia15 I want to be clear, are y’all ou asking in general or me personally?  I will answer from my personal standpoint.  If this is not what you are asking please let me know.  My purpose, existence and mission are all connected.  I was created to serve.  My goal is to draw people closer to God!  I strive to let my light shine.  I know that I leave things and people better than when we first met!  I evoke laughter and joy amid sorrow.  I am a ray of sunshine and although I know what sorrow, pain an darkness is, I choose life and light!

So many people exist and forget to live.  One of my favorite quotes is:  the greatest privilege of life is to live it! ~Oprah

my mission is to help others heal, forgive and move forward!  I facilitate clarity personally and professionally.

 You must know who you are and what you require in order to do what it is you aspire to do! ~DEANA WILLIAMS

Jan 12, 11:15AM EST0 Reply

If you didn’t write what would you do for work?

Jan 11, 7:25PM EST0 Reply

Believe it or not, I have been in the healthcare field for more than twenty five years,   I love caring for people but writing allowed me an avenue to care for myself.   Also, what I realized was that by sharing my story, I was able to help others.  The more I shared through, conversations and writing, the more I healed!  

I not only write but I continue to minister, speak at events and coach!

Jan 12, 12:28AM EST0 Reply
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What was your hardest scene to write?

Jan 11, 4:39PM EST0 Reply

Rogercornet the hardest chapter to write, was "the truth" about what happened to me.  I say "the truth" vs "my truth" becasue for so long I convinced myself to believe and accept what was easiest and less painful, however, coming to terms with the truth was not easy nor pretty.  In fact, it meant that I not only had to speak to my demons but I had to face them.  The very them that kept me bound was now the key to my freedom!    I am a firm beleieve r that you must hurt before you heal.   Once you decide to deal with what has been dealing with you, you gain POWER!  When you stop being powerless and begin to become powerful, you can do the impossible!

Jan 12, 12:16AM EST0 Reply

To what degree should I actually control the course my life has to take?

Jan 11, 2:56PM EST0 Reply

Felipeng outside of God, you are next in control.  What you put in, is what you will get out!  Sometimes we wait on the next person to make our lives great, when all the while we have greatness within us.  Search yourself and ask what is it that you seek, what is it that you desire?   

I am a firm believer that self discovery yields self empowerment!

Jan 12, 12:10AM EST0 Reply

If the average human lifespan was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0 Reply

Well, for one, I would hope that my legacy was one of love, wealth and hope.  I would hope that it was well lived and that I left the world better than i found it!  

Retrospectively, I would love harder, dance more, laugh out loud as if no one was listening and take more risk!

Jan 12, 12:04AM EST0 Reply

How comes that the things that make me happy don’t make everyone happy?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0 Reply

Milan123 please understand that we are all different, therefore our values are different.  Secondly, sometimes we are let down by our own expectations rather than others.  What I mean by that is that we expect people to act, do and be what we would be rather than trully accepting them for who they really are.   Thirdly, we should all seek joy rather than happiness; happiness is externally driven and joy is internally driven.    Lastly, sometimes we have to be willing to serve others rather than have them serve us.

Jan 12, 12:00AM EST0 Reply

Do you believe in that saying, men are from Mars, women from Venus?

Jan 12, 3:12PM EST0 Reply

What are the biggest actions I can take now to create the biggest results in my future?

Jan 11, 6:55AM EST0 Reply

The biggest action you can take to get the biggest results that you can take right now is simple, decide to take the first step!  Every millionmile journey begins with the first step!  It's ok to look at the big picture, just remember to celebrate the small victories along the way!

Jan 11, 11:01PM EST1 Reply

How can you change someone’s life for the better today?

Jan 11, 6:52AM EST0 Reply

Be who they need you to be, not who you need to be!  Are you hindering or helping!  Are you empowering them or enabling them?  What is the reason of the relationship?  What type of relationship do you all have?  Is it based on love or obligation?  Make sure love is the driving force behind everything you do for that person but make sure your love doesn't come with expectations and stipulations.  in other words, love them unconditionally!

Jan 11, 10:59PM EST0 Reply

How can I know that I’m holding onto something I need to let go of?

Jan 11, 6:12AM EST0 Reply

Josienette, you already know in your mind, your heart just needs to get on board.  You know because the very thing or person that you are holding on to, no longer serves you!  That season was over long ago!   Let it go, so that you can go forward!  

Jan 11, 10:52PM EST0 Reply

How can I make my life more meaningful starting now?

Jan 11, 4:59AM EST0 Reply

Mattemessaggi understand that now is a great time!  the fact that you asked this question is eveidence enough that you are ready for more.  Examine your values, are they the same, have they changed?  Take inventory of what matters and live to make a difference!  Start serving others.  When you serve others you really serve yourself!  Serving is humbling yet rewarding.  Take small steps, do what you can when you can.  Do for people that you may never see or talk to again, it's easy to do for the people we know and love but giving to strangers, comes from the heart.  There is such a feeling of gratitude when you bless others.

Jan 11, 10:50PM EST0 Reply
What can I do to start living my ideal life?
Jan 10, 8:13PM EST0 Reply

Xulian first visualize what your ideal life would look like, then ask yourself whats keeping you from it?  Is it ambition, money, faith, inaction or fear?  Once you can do an assessment of what is, reveal what isn't, you can make a plan and go after it.  Make sure you are honest and forthcoming with the person that matters the most, you!

Jan 11, 10:45PM EST0 Reply
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