Ama : ask me anything Masquerade , my first ebook , Masquerade is a suspense thriller , it's a story about love , hate & also about deception. How far would you go to be with the one that you love , would you kill for them? How far would you go to help the one you love , would you turn them in? What if a person couldn't help what he have become , what if something happened in the past that made him snap & made him the monster he became ?

Santi Kruger
Nov 16, 2017

Jack Burns was just an ordinary guy , he loved his work as a truck driver, but , deep down inside him lived this monster , the monster who just had to take revenge on Anna , Anna was the woman who took him under his wing as a child , but she too had her own agenda...

The nightmares wouldn't stop either , there he was , a little boy standing infront of the mirror , dressed in the softest, silkiest lingerie , his face all made up , on his head a long red wig , Anna's hand on his shoulder , she whispered ; " You are so beautiful Jackie ..."

At first he used to admire the luscious red lips, the bright green eyes & long black hair , he used to loved the way the soft hands caressed him , but soon the red lips turned into an ugly grin, the green eyes became hard and cold, the soft hands turned into sharp claws....

Then he met Sandy, the lovely Sandy too reminded him of Anna, but Sandy was sweet, soft & loving, she really loved him and cared for him, he thought that Sandy could make the nightmares go away , that her love for him would chase away the monster that lived deep down inside him.

But would Sandy's love be able to do all of that , would she still love him once she knew who and what he really was?

Could she forgive him everything that he had ever done ? He believed that, he believed that their love was strong enough, but in the end Sandy became just another Anna to him.

Just another person who told him that she would love him forever , who told him that everything she did , she did in the name of love , that everything she did was because she cared and wanted to help him....

Would Sandy really be able to betray the man that she loved, especially when she found out the truth  about Anna? Afterall what happened wasn't Jack's fault, and she did love him with all her heart ! Could she really betray him and turn him in ...?

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