AMA and GrahamR Writings presents urban novelist, Frank"Nitty" Zeigler Jr, author of "Twurk & Thang: The Inseparables"as well as the second featured author in our incarcerated authors series! #AuthorsAMA #AskMeAnything

Frank Zeigler
Nov 18, 2017

Hello everybody! My name is Frank Zeigler Jr. Most people that know me call me "Nitty". This will be my first of many publishings. It will be released before this year's out. You can go to Grahamr Writing Series page to be in the loop when it hits the stores. This book, although urban fiction, is inspired by the relationship that I shared with my brother Vincent. The story details the life of two twin brothers that have just been released from juvenile detention and their battles with forging a new life in the same streets they left behind as well as how they wrestle with events in their past life that shape their present attitude on various issues. You also get introduced to other characters they've crossed paths with who also have their own story that will be further explored in the future parts of the series.  It is definitely relatable to those who have lived certain lifestyles and offers a glimpse of it for those who haven't. I hope that the reader can enjoy the ride they will experience with this book. Be on the lookout for it! Until then, feel free to join me during this interview and ask me anything!

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