AMA about the I Can Be Foundation hosting a Family Literacy Day at Holtz Children's Hospital

Daphney Maurisseau Carter, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC
Nov 13, 2017

The I Can Be Foundation will be returning and participating in Jackson Memorial Hospital's Adopt-a- Floor program. 

This year our organization has adopted the Holtz Children's Pediatric Extended Care Unit. We will be hosting a Family Literacy Day for all patients and their families to bring awareness to illiteracy.

These precious children have health conditions and/or development delays that require 24 hour nursing care/supervision restricting them from attending a normal public school educa...tion.

We are asking for you to please help join the movement and GIFT A CHILD WITH YOUR PRESENT!

Gifts: Books, Children/ Baby toys, monetary gifts

Monetary gifts may be sent via PayPal at icanbefoundation@gmail.com with the NOTE: FAMILY LITERACY DAY.

We are thankful for contribution!


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How big is your team?

Nov 18, 5:22AM EST0

Are you a registered charity?

Nov 17, 5:03PM EST0

Can people from around the world send things?

Nov 17, 9:02AM EST0

If someone wanted to send something do you have minimum amount someone can send?

Nov 15, 3:46PM EST0

Greetings! There are no minumum amounts when it comes to giving. All gifts/donations are appreciated.

Monetary gitfs can be submitted via PayPal at icanbefoundation@gmail.com

Thank you for your inquiry.

Nov 15, 9:31PM EST0

Is it individuals or businesses who help most in your experience?

Nov 14, 8:39AM EST0


Presently, both small businesses sponsor events as well as individuals (volunteer).

If you would like info on how you can join the movement, please visit our websiteat www.icanbefoundationinc.org

Nov 15, 9:29PM EST0

How long has your organization been around for?

Nov 13, 6:30PM EST0

The I Can Be Foundation will be 2 years old in Spring 2018.

Please visit our website www.icanbefoundationinc.org1

Thank you for your inquiry!

Nov 13, 7:10PM EST0

Books are amazing for anyone but for kids with health issues who can not access education and often are limited with how they can interact with the world around so it is very important to give them that – the world of literature and reading as with books and your imagination you can travel anywhere and get to know so many things! It is great what you are doing. Have you though of partnering with some government based programs to get your initiative more popular and for some backing as well?

Nov 13, 5:46PM EST0

Do you work mainly on literacy projects for kids with health conditions or other projects as well?

Nov 13, 3:08PM EST0

I work on Literacy projects for all children. Last month we hosted our First Annual Storybook Character Celebration, a free family fun-filled literacy event that was open to the public. Children and their parents were dressed in their favorite storybook character costume!

For information regarding the I Can Be Foundation's upcoming events please visit our website at www.icanbefoundationinc.org or follow us at the following social media outlets:

Twitter Handle: icanbeFDN

Facebook Handle: I Can Be Foundation Inc or I Can Be Foundation

Instagram Handle: icanbefoundationinc

Linked In: I Can Be Foundation Inc

YouTube Channel: I Can Be Foundation Inc

Thank you for your inquiry!

Nov 13, 5:30PM EST0

What gave you the idea to start this project?

Nov 13, 2:42PM EST0


My organization participated in the hospital's Adopt a Floor volunteer program last year so we definately wanted to return.  The pediatric center is an extenstion to the facility.

The foundation was awarded a grant to host a family volunteer day- so I decided to bring the literacy festivities and awareness to these children and their families.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Nov 14, 5:38PM EST0

What ages are the kids that will be part of this event?

Nov 13, 9:31AM EST0


The ages of these beautiful children range from birth to 14; however, developmentally/mentally the highest age is 9.

Thank you for your inquiry. 

Last edited @ Nov 15, 9:32PM EST.
Nov 13, 5:32PM EST0

From your perspective, what can everyone do to help on daily bases to kids with those conditions?

Nov 13, 9:02AM EST0

Which channels do you find are most effective to get people to donate?

Nov 13, 8:26AM EST0


Cash app (no huge fees attached),  Paypal and then GoFundMe. Those are the most trusted. 

Thank you for your inquiry!

Nov 13, 5:34PM EST0

what is your next plan?

Nov 13, 8:00AM EST0

Do you do your own marketing?

Nov 13, 5:37AM EST0


Yes, at present I do my own marketing at the following social media handles: 

Twitter Handle: icanbeFDN

Facebook Handle: I Can Be Foundation Inc

Instagram Handle: icanbefoundationinc

Linked In: I Can Be Foundation Inc

YouTube Channel: I Can Be Foundation Inc

In addition, I network.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Nov 13, 5:36PM EST0

Do you do those events regularly?

Nov 13, 5:26AM EST0

This will be our first Family Literacy day! We do plan to return and to branch into other counties/states. The organization's goal for 2018 is to host quarterly events at various hospitals next year. The long term goal is to host an event monthly.

On October 21, 2017 my organization hosted its First Annual  Storybook Character Celebration (opened to the public) where children dressed in their favorite storybook character. 

Our foundation aims to be inclusive to all youth.

Thank you for your inquiry!

Nov 13, 4:29PM EST0

Do you have a lot of volunteers helping you?

Nov 13, 5:22AM EST0

Greetings! I am currently looking for 6 more volunteers, ages 16 and older. 

Thank you for your inquiry!

Nov 13, 4:23PM EST0

What is an Initiative? Are there any regulations on starting one and what are they?

Nov 13, 4:21AM EST0

Are there organizations in place to help kids with such difficulties get a good education?

Nov 12, 9:55PM EST0

Is there enough done for those kids by the government in your opinion?

Nov 12, 7:52PM EST0

Great project!What is your motivation?

Nov 12, 10:52AM EST0
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