AMA about Essays of Hope, Compassion and Inspiration for Immigrants

Hi, I am author Shelia E Bell. SO YOU THINK YOU WANT TO WRITE! Do you have dreams of becoming an author? Do you have a book 'inside' of you that you are dying to get out? Do you have no idea what to do or what steps to take to birth 'your book baby' ? Then look no more! I'm here for you. AMA!

I made a Slack for writers, editors and bloggers—Ask Me Anything!

Jan 17, 2018

Ask me anything about my sexy passionate and sometimes comical novel, Kitten.

Jan 17, 2018

The adventures of Winter the Fairy Princess a 5 Book bedtime series! Enchant your Children's dreams! Ask Me Anything about my Books!

I'm an entrepreneur and publisher of foreign comics. Ask me anything!

AMA: Turning Tragedy Into Art: How A Hippopotamus and a Butterfly Healed Me

AMA I am a new author, photography and a Medical Engineering Specialist AMA

AMA Poetry Writing, becoming a poet and being a poet in the 21st century

My name is Grant Means. I write and speak about personal finance in a new, refreshing way. AMA -- A$k M€ An¥thing!

Jan 14, 2018


Creator of a book series and comic book manga soon to come. Ask me anything about my creations.

Jan 14, 2018

Love to read romance? USA TODAY Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, is here to AMA! #AuthorsAMA

AMA “I Still Remember the Melody of that day” My new survival-young adult novel. #kickstarter

Jan 14, 2018

AMA - BE GOOD AND SHOW IT - ‘The Art of Creativity for Business’, ‘Finding Meaning in Your Life & Work’ and ‘Creating Good Vibrations’. A book. A website. & A community.

AMA: " THE TALE OF TWO BOOKS " ... by Artist and Author Kevin Curtis Barr

#AMA With Two Kickstarter Artists: Photography, writing, art, travel, and #CrowdfundingAMA about our New Zealand expedition!

S.D. Moore the Multiple Award Winning Brain and Heart Damaged Author with Lupus Invites You to AMA Jan 13th, at 2 pm est Including About My 5-Star Rated Book: Before We Were Perfect.

Need advice on how to go from a novice writer to a successful published author? Ask me anything!

Jan 13, 2018

The red neck biker: a second chance at love is my Kickstarter project. AMA about love, my project, sex, single motherhood , ask me anything.

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